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FITness Anywhere

Beginning a new exercise program or taking it to the next level? Please review the Get Active Questionnaire below to determine if you should speak to your healthcare provider before beginning. Participate in these classes at your own risk. Be Active, Stay Healthy!

David Smith

ISSA Elite Personal Trainer, ISSA Strength & Conditioning Coach, ISSA Certified Senior Fitness Specialist, ISSA Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Professional, Life Coach from The Life Coach Institute of Orange County, AHA BLS Instructor

Meal Prep

Strength Xpress: Wednesday (6/17)

Strength Xpress: Wednesday (6/10)

Strength XPress: Wednesday (5/27)

Strength Xpress: Thursday (5/7)

Strength Xpress: Thursday (4/30)

Basic Strength Training

Basic Strength Training 2

Lower Body Workout

Upper Body Workout