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Best Practice Requirements

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Best Practice Requirements

Protect Yourself, Protect Others

Do not come to Fit+Rec facilities ill – If you are not feeling well, have a fever or visible sign of illness, including coughs, sneezes, sore throat, shortness of breath, chills, etc., stay home to rest and recover. If you have been diagnosed with coronavirus/COVID-19 do not come to the facility until your doctor determines you are free from illness. 

Come ready! – Please come prepared for exercise and consider not using the locker room. Minimize your footprint on the building to minimize your risk and that of others.

Cover up – Members and staff must wear a surgical mask over their nose and mouth at all times. Members should bring their own surgical masks.

Social distance – Maintain a minimum of at least 6 feet apart from other individuals when exercising. 

Hand sanitize – Use hand sanitizer upon entry to the facility and when you exit.

Wash hands – This is a critical practice! Ideally, wash your hands upon entry and exit of the facility for at least 20 seconds.  

Disinfect your equipment – To kill germs, wipe equipment before and after use with provided wipes. 

Hands-off for now – Please accept our head tilts and welcoming gestures in lieu of handshakes and fist bumps. 

We are all on the offense – Our facilities are fully stocked with hand sanitizer and disinfectants. Please use them to clean the surfaces you touch. 

Stay informed – Refer to the CDC for best practices to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Go to for details.  

BYOW – We encourage you to bring your own water or use the touchless filling stations in the facility. 

Members are expected to comply with these policies and procedures. If a member doesn’t comply, including wearing a mask, disinfecting equipment, and maintaining required distancing, the member may be removed immediately and their membership privileges may be revoked.