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Information for Best Practices

Fit+Rec is committed to providing an inspiring and clean environment for you to attain your fitness goals. We are closely monitoring coronavirus developments and our team is taking the necessary precautions to ensure you can work out as safely as possible in our facilities. While we cleaned regularly before coronavirus, we are ramping up our cleaning and we are asking you to join us in committing to the health of the university community. In spite of our combined best efforts, the university cannot guarantee you will not be exposed to coronavirus.

The Sarkeys Fitness Center intends to open July 6, 11 am – 2 pm for individual fitness. Please note that team-based sports will not be available including basketball, volleyball, and racquetball to accommodate social distancing. Fitness equipment has been arranged on activity courts and may not be located in regular locations. In particular, the basketball courts have been converted to the following:

Court 1 – Singles badminton 
Court 2 – Singles table tennis  
Court 3 – Group Exercise
Court 4 – Cycling 
Court 5 – Cardio/strength 
Court 6 – Cardio/strength  
Court 7 – Cardio/strength equipment 
Court 8 – F45  

Court 1, Singles Badminton Court 2, Singles Table Tennis Court 3, Group Exercise Court 4, F45 Court 5 Cardio Strength Equipment Court 6, Cardio/ Strength Court 7 Cardio/ Strength Court 8, Cycling

If you wish to see how full the Sarkeys Fitness Center is before arriving, check out our population gauges on the OU Fit+Rec home webpage. Any areas at capacity will be closed until members exit. If the Sarkeys, as a whole, reaches 100%, entries will be held until capacity is available. 

The Murray Case Sells Swim Complex intends to open the outdoor pool July 20, 11 am – 2 pm. Please note that swimming, for the opening phase, is for adults only, 18 years and older. The pool will be for lap swim and water walking use only. Swimmers must reserve a lane in advance and will be directed, by assigned lane number, to the end of the pool from which they are to enter the water. 

Outdoor Pool Plan

Outdoor Pool Covid-19 Plan Even lanes enter on East side. Odd lanes enter on West side.

Indoor Pool Plan

Indoor Pool Covid-19 Plan Lap Pool: Even lanes enter on East side. Odd lanes enter on West side. Diving Well: Even lanes enter on North Side. Odd lanes enter on South side.

Our staff is here for you. You will notice that we wear masks when out on the floor to help protect you. We clean and disinfect continuously throughout the building. And, we disinfect all high-touch points when the building is closed. We are doing our best to bring you as safe of an environment as possible. Please help us by doing your part. 

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