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Hydro FIT Classes

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Hydro FIT Classes

HYDRO FIT Schedule

Water Aerobics

Tired of doing laps?  Water aerobics is a great way to get aquatic exercise and have some fun!

Gentle Yoga

· An introductory class great for beginners, or those with joint pain or mobility issues.

· Improves core strength, posture, balance, joint mobility, stamina, etc.

Deep Water

• This class will incorporate cardio, strength, and core through circuits and interval training for a total body workout.  Equipment such as gloves, dumbbells, and noodles may be incorporated.  Good for all fitness and experience levels.

Shallow Water

• Experience a total body workout that is never the same. Continuous movement sessions using a variety of equipment will be utilized to challenge the body and mind. Good for all fitness and experience levels.

• For all fitness levels


• Balance, strength, stamina, and core are all challenged using a Tsunami Fitness Board, a paddleboard-like platform. If you want to keep your hair dry, this may not be the class for you. This class is intense as it engages balance and occurs primarily out of the water while balancing on the boards.

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