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The University of Oklahoma Esports & Co-Curriculuar Innovation department prides itself on being a foreward thinking development focused on staying true to the cultures of gaming while leveraging elevated business opportunities in a constantly changing industry. 

OU Energy is an influential development in Oklahoma and abroad having been the use case and reference point for many other programs during their discovery phases of which paths to take. In 2016, when this programs initially energies were being researched and developed ther were less than 25 institutionally supported esports programs in higher education across the U.S. and Canada. In 2021, there are over 250 and growing rapidly with the majority of those numbers being driven by Division II and smaller classified schools. 

The OU Esports initiaties are focused on exploring and building a full ecosystem that can both operate independtely and in collaboration with many of OU's other missions, departments, and innovations alike. Lastly, our developments focus on being contributors to our students, supporters, community, and industry equally. Supporting our development means you support innovation, elevation of a topic that is decades old, and are empowering future leaders to build a world where passion, past-time, and growth are deeply intentionally. 

This is more than just playing video games. Thank you for your consideration as we build the next truly inclusive chapter of the Sooner Nation legacy. 


Why Support Us?


Take a look at our Fall 2022 hype video. Our elevation through Student Affairs to the Department of Esports & Co-Curricular Innovation will create more opportunities for a very broad pool of students. 


Deeper Dive and Donor/Sponsorship Deck

Click the image below to see the most current version of our donor/sponsorship deck.

Ways to Contribute

The Solidus Fund

The Forest Dayne "Solidus" Sharp Fund or simply "Solidus Fund" is a program support fund focused on enabling comprehensive paths in gaming and esports industry roles while maintaining the grassroots and cultural sensitivies that predate all the institutionally support being realized currently. 

The Solidus Fund is currently the only direct giving opportunity in the topic of esports at The University of Oklahoma. It is solely focused on incentivizing the journey to OU though a spread of awards and providing further pride and purpose to the OU value of continued education. 

Contibute to The Solidus Fund  Learn More About The Solidus Fund

The OU Esports Club Twitch Channel

Twitch is an online streaming and content hosting platform aimed heavily at creatives and gaming energies. Through Twitch we produce live official gameplay against other universities, orgs, and events, put on panels, and produce entertainment as the extension of heavy journalistic practicum similar to tradtional sports entertainment avenues. Contributions to this energy are not tax-incentivized and are predominately month to month subscription phases. 100% of any funds collected through this channel go right back to the growing community that caters to both OU students, fans, and supporters alike through The OU Esports Club. 

Go to Our Twitch Channel

How We Develop Content:

Our Production Program Our Streaming Program

OU Esports Merchandise

The OU Esports Club Official Jersey, Feb 2021.


Since the beginning merchandise has been a frequent ask. Now that we've elevated this is a reality in a big way. Visit our merch store to find apparel and support our efforts!

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Stay Connected

We leverage a multitude of platforms to keep our students and fans informed as frequently as possible. Here are the direct links to all our outlets: