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The Production Program

Welcome to our “Shoutcasting Program” development page. Shoutcasting, or sportscasting, is the esports answer to commentary during competition and events. Have you tried watching a football game without commentary? It’s just not quite as engaging, is it? Nope! In the spirit of our drive to be our own esports entertainment powerhouse, we are developing announcers for real-time play by play announcing with heavy analytic breakdown, color casting, and after action review emphasis. Why? Because the industry is hiring them, it helps our cause, and just like sports entertainment, we have to entertain.

Our casters will be streaming the majority of content through our Twitch channel as a part of our Twitch Student benefits and focus. They will cover 100% of our own allowed matches across our current 16 teams. They will travel to tournaments where we can provide casters and bring entire setups if needed. Over time this team will have a production team to assist with sound mixing, lighting, setup, and production value.

This program was piloted in the Spring 2019 semester with hopes of showcasing energies we teach within our own college of journalism as a testament and opportunity to evolve preexisting curriculum at OU. We’ll define Twitch Student as well as our roster of members for this team. This program is open to alumni, faculty, staff, and students alike with priority slot and screen time going to students first.

What is Twitch?

The Twitch Logo

Twitch is a live streaming video platform. Think TBS, ABC, ESPN, but only online at and predominately focused on gaming – from esports competitions to a person playing a video game and interacting with their audience. The reason why live streaming is such a popular form of entertainment is because of the connection and interactivity the audience can have with the entertainer. Imagine you are watching your favorite athlete or musician and you had the ability to interact with them directly in real-time. There is exponentially more influence on the audience when the entertainer can respond to them quickly or play games with them. Viewers also have an easy time joining communities and chatting with people that watch the same streamers that they do. On Twitch, streamers can make money through advertisements, product placement, merchandise, subscriptions, and donations. It is lucrative for both the entertainer and viewer.

What is Twitch Student?

The Twitch Student Logo

Twitch Student is a collegiate only program designed to supplement event programming, bring awareness to opportunities for students, and provide resources for streaming. It adds incentive by enabling partner level subscription status early on which helps generate revenue for the development of the program. They have dedicated staff to support this program and to provide schools with the resources they need to succeed with Twitch. They enable collegiate programs’ Twitch streams to be partnered channel, allowing programs to generate revenue before they even start streaming. Generating our own revenue has helped us minimize any financial requests to the university. This allows us to be self-sustaining and removes the risks of being financially dependent on the university.

Examples of Work (

Here is a sampling of the work put in by students and alumni to create the production showcase of gameplay in real-time. By empowering students to take ownership of these energies we develop our own amateur version of Monday Night Football, The NBA Finals, or any other major sports entertainment broadcast.

2019 (2nd Annual) Bedlam with Oklahoma State Recap Montage

July 2020 Make-A-Wish Oklahoma League of Legends Fundraiser Recap

2021-2022 Program Overview (Recruitment Video)



(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

The Production team is made up of shoutcasters and observers, both equally important positions. Shoutcasters are the ones you hear on camera, giving commentary over the game for the audience to follow along to. Observers do a number of things, from running the cameras of the games to working the streams.

Shoutcasters and observers alike are allowed to put in however much time they would like, however performance and activity are deciding factors whether casters and observers will be chosen for special events such as university rivalries.


  • Any current student of OU of any status
  • Good standing with the university
  • Must be a member of OU Gaming Club
  • 2.5+ GPA


  • Being a member of this team is NOT dependent on you being awarded a scholarship
  • Any current FULL-TIME student of OU at any status
  • Stackable with other scholarships & programs
  • Previous streaming experience recommended but not required.
  • Maximum amount for 2022-2023 school year: $1K+/yr

Application on Discord ONLY! Apply Here!  See All Scholarship Opportunities

Solidus Production Student Leadership

Austin "RexGoDragon" Nguyen

Production Coordinator

Creative Media Production, Class of 23

Current Production Staff

Brenden "Bdawg" Becker

Casting - Smash Brothers

Maeve "Monolotus" Benson

Casting - Fortnite

Cade "tallbird" Birdsong

Industrial & Systems Engineering
Casting - Counterstrike:Global Offensive, League of Legends, Rainbow Six, Valorant

Harrison "Suker" Boren

Electrical Engineering
Casting - Overwatch, Smash Brothers

Carlos "Dr-nSanity" Castellanos

Biology (Pre-Med)
Casting - Rocket League

Cale "Froggo" Childs

Architecture, Civil Engineering
Casting - Overwatch, Valorant

Fabio Chirinos

Casting - Smash Brothers, Rocket League

Logan "Pralimos" Goin

Casting & Production - Call of Duty, Valorant

Cade "Chade" Hastings

Musical Arts, Music Technology Focus
Casting & Production - Call of Duty, Overwatch

Ethan "Dengar" Karnes

Film and Media Studies
Casting - CS:GO

Josh "cureby" Lee

Computer Science
Casting - Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Valorant

Kevin "TsuHa" Ly

Information Science & Tech
Casting - Rainbow Six, Valorant

Caleb "God" Moss

Casting & Production - Smash Brothers

Cory "Zombie" Myers

Computer Science
Casting - Smash

Sebatian "Sebas" Puerta

Musical Arts, Music Technology Focus
Casting - League of Legends, Valorant

Joshua "Coach Thumper" Riesenberg

Creative Media Production
Casting & Production - Overwatch, Valorant

Mandeep "eat" Saha

Electrical Engineering
Casting - League of Legends, Overwatch

Montana Sullivan

Film & Media Studies
Casting & Production - Smash Brothers

Angela "Valier" Paganoni

Aerospace Engineering
Production - Rocket League, Smash Brothers

Brandon "ThatWooBrandon" Villarreal

Communication (Masters)
Casting & Production - Call of Duty, League of Legends, Madden, Valorant

Collin Weingarten

Aviation Management
Casting - Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six, Overwatch

Parker "Rader" Vint

Casting - Call of Duty

Mahdi "Meckdee" Zarakani

Casting - Call of Duty, Apex Legends

Legacy Student Leadership Lineage

David " Vid" Kaucic

- Production Director (2017-2020)

Chemical Engineering, '20