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Community & Outreach

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Students cheering on competitors in the Molly Shi Ballroom in the OU Memorial Union at Super Bit Wars 6 in 2018.

The Community & Outreach Program

The community program is our way of giving back and engaging OU’s population as well as the region. We aim to find a method to cater to all gamers regardless of their diverse interests. From MOBAs (Massively Online Battle Arena) and FPS (First Person Shooter), to fighting games and cards, every game is just as unique as its player-base. We also look at opportunities to develop programming regionally by fostering events with the public or with students K-12.

The Ambassador Role

One of the hardest tasks for any “gaming community” is to define its focus. Gamers are diverse! Not only are there many different genres of games, but there are differences in the hardware players use. Console and PC players often don’t mingle, same goes for Xbox and PS4 players.

This is where the Ambassador roles come in. It is considered a middle-tier leadership role for students who show high levels of interest in a specific title, platform, or event planning. We take the collective resources gained from networking, marketing, fundraising, and reputation as the OU Esports Club and give it to our Ambassadors so they may fixate programming for the communities on campus and in the area.

With this role, we can easily scale specific programming for communities up and down based on student interest and active community. Some example of programming that we do are weeklies for Smash, bi-weeklies for League of Legends, Overwatch, and Rocket League, and tournaments with prize pools, incentives, and more.

2021-2022 Community Ambassador Overview (Recruitment Video)

External Opportunities & Outreach

One of our missions is to showcase what the topic of gaming and esports fully entails. We can do this through philanthropy, K-12 outreach and programming, recruitment events, and general collaboration with energies outside of our organization and The University of Oklahoma.

With these goals in mind, we are actively developing partnerships in our backyard. From public libraries, local parks, and rec, to local tournament organizers in specific communities, we are exploring everything to bolster our programming, community, state, and region. This will establish a channel to educate both gamers and parents alike about the broad opportunities that are within esports and gaming. We will be showcasing our external events with article reviews and additional repetitive events on our calendar of programming.

Examples of Work

Students discussing gaming and esports energies.

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions (Ambassador)

We plan events and activities within OU whether they be from us alone or planned with another department or club. The main type of events we put together are casual game nights, movie nights, and in-houses, game nights for specific games such as Overwatch or Rainbow 6.

You would need to select a game community that you are passionate about such as Call of Duty or League of Legends. Then, after filling out an application and going through a short interview, you will be given the title of ambassador for the game community you selected. Your duties would not require much time out of the week, and can be changed at any time if needed because of scheduling issues, with good reason. You would just need to hold an in-house close to every other week for your game, help with other community events when you can, and attend an ambassador meeting held once every month.

Yes, we can have a few different people be ambassadors for the same game. Having multiple ambassadors for the same game means that we can have more options for times to have in-houses, and more people who can work on that game who do not have a different area to work on. While there is not a set limit, 3-4 is the preferred max amount.

  • This applies to Outreach opportunities too
  • Any current student of OU of any status
  • Good standing with the university
  • Must be a member of OU Gaming Club
  • 2.5+ GPA


  • Being a member of this team is NOT dependent on you being awarded a scholarship
  • Any current FULL-TIME student of OU at any status
  • Stackable with other scholarships & programs
  • Previous event planning experienced recommended but not required.
  • Maximum amount for 2022-2023 school year: $1K+/yr

Application on Discord ONLY! Apply Here!  See All Scholarship Opportunities


(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions (Outreach)

The Community Outreach Coordinator works to create external events with other clubs/organizations on campus or within the community as whole while guiding our charity and K-12 mentorship efforts. This can include creating co-hosted events, offering event-planning expertise and advice to members of the OU and the Oklahoma community, or planning fundraising events and days for the charities we support like Make-a-Wish Oklahoma.

You can get involved in a number of ways with varying degrees of commitment required. First, if we are hosting a charity event or stream, please tune in! Donations to our cause are always appreciated, but even just showing up to the event helps elevate our viewership and expand our audience, allowing us to spread the word further. Second, you can propose ideas for events/causes to support by contacting the Community Outreach Coordinator and helping them brainstorm how we can best support our community and develop connections to those in need. Finally, as a club member, you can apply to become a member of our ambassador team who are responsible for creating events for the club and then you will be involved in creating our event schedule and advocating for the causes important to you!

Solidus Community Leadership

Joey "Ghost094" Yeager

Community Coordinator

Finance, '23

Jacob "Oculus" Ross

Assistant Community Coordinator

Computer Science, '24

Current Student Community Staff (Ambassadors)

Jose "Quote" Baeza

Focus: Fighting Games (ex. Street Fighter/Tekken)

Industrial & Systems Engineering, '21

Andrew "ShiivR" Bell

Focus: Valorant

International Business, '24

Jace Blackwell

Focus: Fortnite

Computer Science, '25

Jackson "Ajax" Boyd

Focus: Virtual Reality

Construction Science, '24

Austin "MiloandOtis" Cameron

Focus: Smash Brothers

Electrical Engineering, '24

Bailey "Decem" Hogarth

Focus: League of Legends

Biomedical Engineering, '25

Brandon "Asnswag" Ho

Focus: League of Legends

Biology, '23

Mason "TheOkieSquatch" Johnson

Focus: Rainbow Six Siege

Information Science & Tech, "24

Amanda "MommyOfHeathens" Ledbetter

Focus: Creative

Organizational Leadership, '25

Jay "Rali" Leger

Focus: Team Fortress 2

Meteorology, '24

Raymond Nguyen

Focus: League of Legends

International Business, '24

Micheal "saint" Nguyen

Focus: First Person Shooters (Broad)

Computer Science, '25

Sam Roach

Focus: Rainbow Six Siege

Electrical Engineering, '24

Mandeep "Eat" Saha

Focus: League of Legends

Electrical Engineering, '22

Montana "the-Kubrickian" Sullivan

Focus: Smash Brothers

Film & Media Studies, '22

Jake "R3M1NGTON" Sutton

Focus: First Person Shooters (Broad)

Executive MBA in Aerospace & Defense, '23

Michela Thompson

Focus: Gender Parity Advocate

Public Relations, '22

Mahdi "Meckdee" Zarakani

Focus: First Person Shooters (Broad)

Sociology, '25

Legacy Community & Outreach Leadership Lineage

Callie "Kitren" Simonton

- Community Director (2017-2020)

Film & Media Studies, Class of '19
Grad Cert: Media Management, '20

Kara "Kel" Brightwell

Community Outreach Coordinator

International Studies, Class of 2021 (Masters)

Hashim "BrownDieselWagon" Hassany

Asst. Community Director (Outreach) (2021-2022)

Management Info. Sys ' 22.