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Edwards Named VPR Faculty Fellow


Edwards Named VPR Faculty Fellow


Kirsten Edwards Williams

Associate Professor Kirsten Edwards was appointed as a Faculty Fellow in the Vice President for Research and Partnership Office. Edwards was one of two Faculty Fellows appointed to serve the university in implementing the strategic research framework developed out of the VPRP office to deepen and expand the research enterprise of the university.


This is a distinct honor and accomplishment reflective of the rich scholarship in which Edwards engages and her tireless commitment to equitable and just educational institutions. Edwards will help lead university-wide efforts to re-envision and re-organize research and creative activity as a driving force for social transformation.


As a Faculty Fellow, Edwards will be located and working out of the VPRP office during the summer and academic year. She is leading the development of institutional supports for qualitative and humanities scholars and working with the leadership team to facilitate interdisciplinary projects. We are delighted that Edwards is sharing her scholarship and leadership with the wider university community and the multiple places and people we learn with and from.