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JRCoE Faculty Author Books

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JRCoE Faculty Publish Books in Fall 2021

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Associate Professor Kristy Brugar co-edited Real Classrooms, Real Teachers: The C3 Inquiry in Practice.

As social studies standards shift to place a higher emphasis on critical thinking, inquiry, interaction and expression, many teachers are scrambling to figure out how to appropriately shift their instruction accordingly. This book provides examples and ideas for working with elementary and middle school students to build social studies skills and knowledge in order to become independent learners and thinkers. Teaching these skills helps to support students in ways that are important to them, and to society at large.

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Assistant Professor Kirsten Hextrum published Special Admission: How College Sports Recruitment Favors White, Suburban Athletes

Special Admission contradicts the belief that college sports provide an avenue for upward mobility. Instead, athletics admissions are framed as terrains of class and race warfare through which white, suburban communities engineer novel opportunities to maintain their structural advantages. The book charts the dynamic and historic relationships between the state, elite groups, private entities, schools and sports that undergird college athletics access. These relationships allow white, middle-class athletes to accelerate their racial and economic advantages through preferential admission to elite universities.

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Associate Professor Brittany Hott was co-author of Teaching Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities.

The book provides a comprehensive resource for preservice and in-service educators to teach and support academic, social and behavioral development. The text focuses on implementation of evidence-based interventions, strategies and practices.

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Associate Professor Brittany Hott and Assistant Professor Corey Peltier co-authored Research Methods in Special Education.

This book equips readers with the knowledge needed to make a difference with data. Authors Hott, Peltier and Frederick J. Brigham provide access to cutting- edge methodologies and related skills researchers need to successfully carry out projects in applied settings. Dedicated chapters focusing on quantitative research synthesis (e.g., meta-analysis, meta-synthesis), single case design and program evaluation methods allow readers deeply invested in the field of special education to develop a firm foundation, enabling them to ask and answer their socially significant research questions.