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Reading Education

Reading Education

Reading Education M.Ed.

Our nationally recognized reading specialist master’s program prepares candidates to serve in the roles of reading specialists, literacy interventionists, or literacy coaches in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities. The program also welcomes inservice and preservice teachers who want to remain in the classroom but who wish to gain greater knowledge and understanding in developing engaged, strategic readers and writers.



Program candidates receive extensive instruction in theory of literacy as well as cutting-edged, research-based best practices for literacy instruction, and reading program management and supervision.  The candidates also participate in both structured and unstructured practicum experiences in literacy assessment and intervention.  As this is a professional program leading to certification as a reading specialist, candidates  must complete a portfolio and  pass the Oklahoma Subject Area Test for Reading Specialists (OSAT - Reading) in the semester of graduation.   

  • Each course is taught in a blended fashion with 3-5 meetings over the semester on a Saturday or Friday evening and the rest of the coursework online.
  • Two courses will be offered each semester, including summer so the degree can be completed in 5 semesters.

Program assessments are collected in a portfolio as part of our accreditation process.

Students in the Instructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum Master's Program take courses in:

  • Teaching and Learning,
  • Cultural Diversity,
  • Research Methodology, and
  • the Specialization Areas in which they are admitted.

EDRG 5934 Application of Literacy Instructional Strategies

EDRG 5573 Culture, Language and Literacy

EDRG 5553 Issues/Research in Reading/Literacy

EDRG 5723 Emergent/Beginning Literacy

EDRG 5643 Survey of Literacy for all Learners

EDRG 5814 Applications of Literacy Assessment & Evaluation

EDRG 5733 Adolescent Literacy

EDRG 5903 Literacy Leadership

EDRG 5753 Digital and Multimodal Literacies

EDRG 5843 Writing Across the Disciplines

Visit the Course Catalog for course descriptions

The master's degree requires completion of 36 semester credit hours of graduate coursework.  Approximately 15 hours of coursework are taken as part of the course instructional requirement.  The remaining credit hours will be completed in the specialty area.  All students must successfully complete a thesis, project, or comprehensive examination.

The thesis option requires a written paper and oral defense as fulfillment of the final evaluation.  The project will require a written paper that will be a descriptive problem related to the individual's professional field.  Projects willl be evaluated by the area faculty.  Comprehensive examination questions will be determined and evaluated by area faculty.

Applicants for programs leading to the Master of Education degree in the Department of Instructional Leadership must present the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Science in any discipline as conferred by the University of Oklahoma or the equivalent, and meet all the prerequisites for graduate courses.

Prospective students are encouraged to seek additional information by contacting the college graduate programs officer, Mike Jenkins (, or the department chair, Dr. Kristy Brugar (

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