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June 22 Seed Funding Awards

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Sept 14, 2022

June 2022 Seed Funding Projects to Investigate Community Resilience, Clinical Trial Patient Selection and Statistical Research Tools

Every month, the Data Institute for Societal Challenges awards research teams up to $10,000 to help solve grand challenges. During the month of June, three research teams were awarded funds that will help further their research in the data science field.


The projects are:

The Decision Environment of Resilient Communities

Led by Katerina Tsetsura, Dean Hougen and Xiaochen Zhan

This project’s goal is to create the first ever artificial intelligence (AI) model that will be able to analyze and predict the disinformation resilience of communities. The team will also work on developing an innovative working AI model that will measure community resilience to disinformation in times of crisis.

A Proof-of-Concept Study Aimed at Leveraging Cognitive Computing to Optimize Patient Selection, Speed of Accrual and On-Treatment Data Capture for Phase 1 Oncology Clinical Trials at the Stephenson Cancer Center

Led by Kun Lu, Abdul Rafeh Naqash and Chongle Pan

In an effort to raise the success rate of clinical trials, this project aims to develop an AI tool that will be able to fast-track clinical trial patient selection and capture important information about the patient throughout the study.

Statistics Helper

Claire Curry

This project aims to create an interactive website that will guide users to statistical resources based on their goals and datasets. This tool will empower researchers in the data analysis process by asking non-technical questions that will focus their reading on carefully curated choices, allowing them to make informed decisions about their analyses.

For more information about this monthly seed funding program, click here.