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Alberto Marino

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Alberto Marino

Associate Professor
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

Alberto’s research interests lie in the field of quantum optics, with particular emphasis on its applications to quantum information science and quantum metrology. In recent years the group’s research has focused on the generation and control of quantum states of light known as twin beams through the use of four-wave mixing in atomic vapors. The use of an atomic system for the generation of these quantum states offers distinct advantages. First, it makes it possible to obtain a large nonlinear interaction, which leads to a large degree of entanglement without the need of a cavity. Second, the use of an atomic system leads to narrowband entangled photons close to an atomic resonance. As a result, it is possible to obtain an efficient interaction between an atomic system and the entangled photons, which allows for better control of the twin beams. This has made it possible for Alberto’s group to implement a quantum buffer and a quantum cloner for these entangled states of light.

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