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Below are several representative publications for several faculty members written with graduate and undergraduate students. Please visit individual faculty curricula vitae or personal webpages for more information about research and other publications.



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Computational Optimization

Couellan, N.P. and T.B. Trafalis. 2011. An Incremental Primal-Dual Method for Nonlinear Programming with Special Structure. Optimization Letters, 7(1): 51-62.

Gilbert, R.C. and T.B. Trafalis. 2009. Quadratic Programming Formulations for Classification and Regression. Optimization Methods and Software, 24(2): 175-185.

Ince, H. and T.B. Trafalis. 2007. Kernel Principal Component Analysis and Support Vector Machines for Stock Price Prediction. IIE Transactions on Quality and Reliability, 39(6): 629-637.

Karabuk, S. 2008. Extending Algebraic Modeling Languages to Support Algorithm Development for Solving Stochastic Programming Models. IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, 19(4): 325-343.

Maalouf, M. and T.B. Trafalis. 2011. Robust Weighted Kernel Logistic Regression in Imbalanced and Rare Events Data. Journal of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 55(1): 168-183.

Maalouf, M., T.B. Trafalis, and I. Adrianto. 2011. Kernel Logistic Regression Using Truncated Newton Method. Journal of Computational Management Science, 8(4): 415-428.

Oladunni, O.O. and T.B. Trafalis. 2009. A Regularized Pairwise Multi-classification Knowledge-based Machine and Applications. European Journal of Operational Research, 195(3): 924-941.

Tokgoz, E. and H. Kumin. 2012. Mixed Convexity and Optimization Results for an (S-1,S) Inventory Model Under a Time Limit on Backorders. Computational Management Science, 9(4): 417-440.

Tokgoz, E., S. Nourazari, and H. Kumin. 2011. Convexity and Optimization of Condense Discrete Functions. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 6630: 3342-3349.

Trafalis, T.B. and R.C. Gilbert. 2006. Robust Classification and Regression Using Support Vector Machines. European Journal of Operational Research, 173(3): 893-909. 

Xanthopoulos, P., T.B. Trafalis, and P.M. Pardalos. 2012. Robust Data Mining, Springer.


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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Alenezi, A., S.A. Moses, and T.B. Trafalis. 2008. Real-Time Prediction of Order Flowtimes Using Support Vector Regression. Computers and Operations Research, 35(11): 3489-3503.

Barker, K. and Y.Y. Haimes. 2009. Uncertainty Analysis of Interdependencies in Dynamic Infrastructure Recovery: Applications in Risk-Based Decisionmaking. Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 15(4): 394-405.

Barker, K. and J.R. Santos. 2010. A Risk-based Approach for Identifying Key Economic and Infrastructure Sectors. Risk Analysis, 30(6): 962-974.

Barker, K. and J.R. Santos. 2010. Measuring the Efficacy of Inventory with a Dynamic Input-Output Model. International Journal of Production Economics, 126(1): 130-143.

Chen, K., M. Lee, P.S. Pulat, and S.A. Moses. 2006. The Shifting Bottleneck Procedure for Jobshops with Parallel Machines. International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 1(1/2): 244-262.

Karabuk, S. 2007. Modeling and Optimizing Transportation Decisions in a Manufacturing Supply Chain. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 43E(3): 321-337.

Karabuk, S. 2008. Production Planning under Uncertainty in Textile Manufacturing. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 59(4):510-520.

Karabuk, S. 2009. A Nested Decomposition Approach for Solving the Paratransit Vehicle Scheduling Problem. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, 43(4): 448-465.

MacKenzie, C.A., K. Barker, and F.H. Grant. 2012. Evaluating the Consequences of an Inland Waterway Port Closure with a Dynamic Multiregional Interdependency Model. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Part A, 42(2): 359-370.

Moses, S., L. Gruenwald, and K. Dadachanji. 2008. A Scalable Data Structure for Real-Time Estimation of Resource Availability in Build-to-Order Environments. Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 19(5): 611-622.

Pant, R., K. Barker, F.H. Grant, and T.L. Landers. 2011. Interdependent Impacts of Inoperability at Multi-modal Transportation Container Terminals. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation, 47(5): 722-737.

Robinson, K. and S. Moses. 2006. Effect of Granularity of Resource Availability on the Accuracy of Due Date Assignment. International Journal of Production Research, 44(24): 5391-5414.


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Human Factors

Ji, Y.G., H. Hwangbo, J.S. Yi, P. Rau, X. Fang, and C. Ling. 2010. The Influence of Cultural Differences on the Use of Social Network Services and the Formation of Social Capital. International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, 26(11,12): 1100-1121.

Ling, C., W. Hwang, and G. Salvendy. 2007. A Survey of What Customers Want in a Cell Phone Design. Behaviour and Information Technology, 26(2): 149-163.

Ling, C. and G. Salvendy. 2007. Optimizing Heuristic Evaluation Process in e-commerce: Use of the Taguchi Method. International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, 22(3): 271-287.

Ling, C., M. Lopez, and R.L. Shehab. 2011. Complexity Questionnaires of Visual Displays: A Validation Study of Two Information Complexity Questionnaires of Visual Displays. Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries.

Ling, C., and G. Salvendy. 2011. Prioritising Usability Considerations on B2C Websites. Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics, 14(1): 69-98.

Song, G. and C. Ling. 2011. User’s Attitude and Strategies in Information Management with Multiple Computers. International Journal of Human Computer Interaction, 27(8): 762-792.


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Design and Manufacturing

Charles, R., S. Raman, and B. Starly. 2011. Sustainment: A Growth Industry for Custom Manufacturing in the United States. Journal of Aerospace and Aviation Perspectives, 1(1): 5-16.

Gilbert, R.C., S. Raman, T.B. Trafalis, S.M. Obeidat, and J.A. Aguirre-Cruz. 2009. Mathematical Foundations for Coordinate Metrology and Adaptive Sampling. Transactions of the ASME, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 131(4): 407-414. 

Gilbert, R.C., S. Raman, and T.B. Trafalis. 2011. Mathematical Framework for Form Inspection. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 52(5-8): 637-649.

Messer, M., J.H. Panchal, V. Krishnamurthy, B. Klein, P.D. Yoder, J.K. Allen, and F. Mistree. 2010. Model Selection Under Limited Information Using a Value-of-Information-Based Indicator. Journal of Mechanical Design, 132(10), 101003.

Messer, M., J.H. Panchal, J.K. Allen, and F. Mistree. 2011. Model Refinement Decisions Using the Process Performance Indicator. Engineering Optimization, 43(2): 741-762.

Murphy, T.W., Y. Lin, K.-L. Tsui, V.C.P. Chen, and J.K. Allen. 2011. Identifying Feasible Design Concepts for Products with Competing Performance Requirements by Meta-Modeling of Loss-Scaled Principal Components. Quality Engineering, 23(2): 167-179.

Obeidat, S. and S. Raman. 2011. Process Guided Coordinate Sampling of End Milled Flat Plates. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 53(9-12): 979-991.

Padmanabhan, T., V. Kamaraj, L. Magwood, and B. Starly. 2011. Experimental Investigation on the Operating Variables of a Near-Field Electrospinning Process via Response Surface Methodology. Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 13(2): 104-112.

Parthasarathy, J., S. Raman, and B. Starly. 2011. Design for Manufacture of Porous Parts with Tailored Properties. Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 13(2): 160-170.

Parthasarathy, J., B. Starly, and S. Raman. 2009. Computer Aided Bio-modeling and Analysis of Patient Specific Porous Titanium Mandibular Implants. ASME Journal of Medical Devices, 3(3).

Rippel, M. S.-K. Choi, J.K. Allen, and F. Mistree. 2012. Probabilistic Collocation for Simulation-Based Robust Concept Exploration. Engineering Optimization, 44(8): 915-933.

Ruderman, A.M., J. Patel, A. Kumar, J.K. Allen, and S.-K. Choi. 2010. Simulation Based Robust Design of Multi-Scale Products. Journal of Mechanical Design, 132(10): 101003.

Samadiani, E., Y. Joshi, J.K. Allen, and F. Mistree. 2010. Adaptable Robust Design of Multi-scale Convective Systems Applied to Energy Efficient Data Centers. Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A: Applications, 57(2): 69-100.


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Systems Modeling

Barker, K. and Y.Y. Haimes. 2009. Assessing Uncertainty in Extreme Events: Applications to Risk-Based Decisionmaking in Interdependent Infrastructure Sectors. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 94(4): 819-829.

Barker, K. and C.M. Rocco S. 2011. Evaluating Uncertainty in Risk-Based Interdependency Modeling with Interval Arithmetic. Economic Systems Research, 23(2): 213-232.

Barker, K., J.E. Ramirez-Marquez, and C.M. Rocco S. 2013. Resilience-Based Network Component Importance Measures. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 117(1): 89-97. 

Chetouane, F., K. Barker, and A.S. Viacaba. 2012. Sensitivity Analysis for Simulation-based Decision Making: Application to a Hospital Emergency Service Design. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 20(1): 99-111. 

Holliday, L. and F.H. Grant. 2011. Haiti Building Failures and a Replicable Building Design for Improved Earthquake Safety. Earthquake Spectra, 27(S1): S277-S297. 

Kuriger, G.W. and F.H. Grant. 2011. A Lexicographic Nelder-Mead Simulation Optimization Method to Solve Multi-criteria Problems. Computers and Industrial Engineering, 60(4): 555-565.

MacKenzie, C.A., J.R. Santos, and K. Barker. 2012. Measuring Changes in International Production from a Disruption: Case Study of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. International Journal of Production Economics, 138(2): 293-302. 

MacKenzie, C. and K. Barker. 2013. Empirical Data and Regression Analysis for Estimation of Infrastructure Resilience, with Application to Electric Power Outages. Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 19(1): 25-35.


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Engineering Education

Genheimer, S.R. and R.L. Shehab.  2009. A Survey of Industry Advisory Board Operation and Effectiveness in Engineering Education.  Journal of Engineering Education, 98(2): 169-180. 

Minadeo-Cook, M. and M. Court. 2007. Identifying an Educational Void and New Teaching Approach for Input Modeling. World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education, 6(2): 86-89.  

Murphy, T.J., R.L. Shehab, T. Reed-Rhoads, C.E. Foor, B.J. Harris, B.J., D.A. Trytten, S.E. Walden, M. Besterfield-Sacre, M.S. Hallbeck, and W.C. Moor. 2007. Achieving Parity of the Sexes at the Undergraduate Level: A Study of Success. Journal of Engineering Education, 96(3): 241-252. 

Shehab, R.L., T.J. Murphy, and C.E. Foor. 2012. "Do They Even Have That Anymore”: The Impact of Redesigning a Minority Engineering Program. Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, 18(3): 235-253.


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