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Enrollment and Degrees Granted

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Enrollment and Degrees Granted


Janet K. Allen has held the John and Mary Moore Chair and has been a Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering since her arrival at the University of Oklahoma in August 2009 from Georgia Tech.  She received her S.B. in Life Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her PhD in Biophysics from the University of California. She has co-authored one textbook, four monographs and more than 350 technical papers dealing with the co-design of materials, products and associated manufacturing processes, the design of mechanical, thermal and structural systems; ships and aircraft; and engineered networks such as supply chains.

Janet K. Allen and her husband, Professor Farrokh Mistree, who holds the L.A. Comp Chair in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, co-Direct the Systems Realization Laboratory which is home to students from various disciplines. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for students to learn how to rise to their full potentials to become the next generation of professors.


Allen and Mistree hypothesize that

  •     ALL grand challenges can be modeled as Cyber-Physical-Social (CPS)    systems. 
  •     Public policy is foundational for addressing any grand challenge. 

Hence, their interest in evolving CPS to support policy making.  They seek to model evolving CPS systems as multi-echelon networks of services thereby ensuring the computational platform to be used to design and manage an evolving CPS is agnostic to domains of application.  Their quest for answers to the key challenges associated with evolving CPS systems are anchored in the following research thrusts:


Platformization: Knowledge-Based Platform for Decision Support in the Design of Engineered Systems

  • Predictive Analytics: Simulation of Future Outcomes using Limited Data
  • Knowledge-Based Management of Computational Complexity and Risk
  • Knowledge-Based Exploration of the Solution Space

Disruptive Innovation in the Cyber-Physical-Social Space

  •  Rural Development Policy: Evolving Food-Energy-Water Nexus for   Sustainable Development
  •  Healthcare Policy: Evolving Fail-Safe Healthcare Networks
  •  Dynamic Management of Evolving Power Systems
  •  Contextual Assessment of Student Learning through Reflection on Doing

The Allen-Mistree education focus is on creating and implementing courses aimed at educating strategic engineers—those who have developed the competencies to create value in digitally transforming enterprises through the realization of complex engineered systems.

Fall 20141904321
Fall 20152295620
Fall 20162805518
Fall 20173044018
Fall 20183113319
Fall 20192622727
Fall 20202451826

Degrees Granted

*AY 2014 = Academic Year 2014 (Summer 2014, Fall 2014, and Spring 2015)

AY 201440134
AY 201544214
AY 201652273
AY 201763194
AY 201894192
AY 201953204