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Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging

Our medical imaging research will focus on cancer disease. The Gallogly College of Engineering will work in close collaboration with the Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center. 

Medical Imaging Research Questions

Medical Imaging Equipment

A Partnership Project – “Clinical Translation of High Energy Phase-Sensitive X-Ray Breast Tomosynthesis” in collaboration with U. of Iowa, Alabama and Hologc, Inc.

Project Goal: Through the academic industry partnership to translate a phase sensitive X-Ray DBT prototype into a clinical system and validate the system performance and potential clinical benefit in a prospective study.

Medical Imaging diagram

A New Explorative Project – “X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging (XFI) with Gold Nanoparticles (GNP) for Breast Cancer Diagnosis” in collaboration with OU-HSC.

Project Goal: To develop a new imaging technology for non-invasive and accurate detection of posterior breast tumors and early cancer metastasis signals in the axillary lymph and internal mammary nodes.

Xray image of breast

An Active Project – “Mammographic Density and Tissue Asymmetry Based Breast Cancer Risk Stratification” in collaboration with U. of Pittsburgh and Mercy Women’s Center (OKC).

Project Goal: To develop and test a new near-term breast cancer risk prediction model to help improve efficacy of breast cancer screening.

Ovarian Cancer assessment

A New Explorative Project – “Quantitative Imaging for Evaluating Drug Treatment Response of Ovarian Cancer” in collaboration with OU-HSC.

Project Goal: To identify and test new CT image features as early predictive markers for assessing benefit of clinical trials for treating ovarian cancer.