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Director's Welcome

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Letter from the Interim Director

Biomedical Engineering is one of the most exciting areas of engineering today, incorporating another branch of science into the realm of interest of the engineering profession.

Lei Ding, Professor

Lei Ding

IBEST offers a wide range of courses in biomedical engineering as well as research opportunities in the application of technology to biological systems. Biomedical engineering professors and students at the University of Oklahoma work collaboratively with physicians and scientists at the OU Medical Center on important problems that can save lives and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Oklahoma and the nation. Among other things, they are advancing X-ray and MRI imaging, designing implants for the middle ear to help the hearing impaired, investigating the conditions favorable for cell differentiation and proliferation in three-dimensional tissue engineering constructs and producing agents to treat cancer, heart attack and stroke.

As you read through the material on the website, you will learn more about opportunities available to you through the study of biomedical engineering, whether you are looking at graduate school or planning for studies as a freshman. You will discover a variety of degree options available to you at the University of Oklahoma for biomedical engineering. While the focus will be on learning through your formal studies, the University also provides a rich environment for you to grow outside of the classroom.

Lei Ding
Director of IBEST
Associate and Presidential Professor, SBME

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