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Academic Advising

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Academic Advising

Academic Advisors

Due to the current protocol regarding COVID, advising questions may be facilitated by email, Zoom, or through the Williams Student Services Center undergraduate advisor.

Required Course Offerings

Course FallSpring
CS 3113
CS 3203
CS 3323 Offered
CS 3823OfferedOffered
CS 4263
CS 4273 Offered
CS 4413
CS 4513Offered 

Hints and Tips

  1. ENGL 3153 Technical Writing has an enforced prerequisite of CS 3053 Human Computer Interaction. This pre-requisite doesn't show up in
  2. Be very careful in planning when you will take CS 4263 Software Engineering I and CS 4273 Software Engineering II. CS 4263 is offered only in the fall semester. 4273 is offered only in the spring semester.
  3. The prerequisites for CS 4263 are: CS 3323 Programming Language Concepts and Communication 2613 Public Speaking and English 3153 Technical Writing or BC 2813 Business Communication and permission of instructor. Your advisor can send an email to clear the permission of instructor.