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Undergrad Advising

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CBME Advising

All students should first discuss advising issues with Williams Student Services Center. If necessary, then personnel at WSSC will refer you to the appropriate faculty member for further advising.   We use a software package to assist with advising and progress towards graduation:  Pay particular attention to any written notes within the software package.

In fall and spring, Chem E faculty do advising with WSSC personnel.  Be sure to check your e-mail so that you know when advising sessions are.   We ask that you sign up for a time, so that we can advise you without a great deal of waiting on your part.

Note: CBME courses are taught once per year. Not taking a chemical engineering course when it is offered will usually delay graduation by a full year.    There are a great deal of pre-requisites required as well; it is critical that you do not fall behind in the curriculum without being sure that missing just one class could delay graduate by a full year. 

Advising for Undergraduate Students