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Materials Science

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Areas of Research: Materials Science & Engineering

Faculty in this area include principal investigators in the Center for Polymer and Fiber Research, an industry/academic program with governmental and industrial partners and researchers working on nanotube synthesis and application. Our partners include 3M, DuPont, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • Fabrication and examination of high performance microfibers made by the melt blowing process
  • Use of gel spinning to produce fibers that are 10 times as strong as steel: optimization of simultaneous heat, mass, and momentum transfer in this complex morphological problem
  • Use of LDV (Laser Doppler Velocimetry) in the analysis of fiber-handling processes and the use of LDV in the on-line control of fiber-handling processes
  • Study of polymers filled with carbon nanotubes
  • Highly selective synthesis of single wall carbon nanotubes
  • Nanotube application such as fuel cell electrodes, catalyst supports, field emission devices and others
  • Determination of the structure and properties of polymers through the use of synchrotron radiation. Techniques include scattering, and x-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • Nanoscale chemical modification of surfaces to improve polymer-filler adhesion or electrical conductivity in polymer-matrix composites
  • Nanoscale templating of ordered morphologies on flat surfaces using surfactants as templating media for polymerization
  • Properties of miscible blends involving polymers with ionic groups
  • custom melt blowing die heads with Brabender extruder and other
  • peripheral equipment
  • die test stands
  • custom gel spinning equipment
  • laser Doppler velocimeter
  • differential scanning calorimeter
  • tensile tester for polymer films and fibers
  • stress controlled rotational steady and oscillating rheometers
  • tensile oscillating rheometer
  • capillary rheometer
  • gel permeation chromatograph
  • low-angle laser light scattering
  • scanning and transmission electron microscopes
  • optical microscopes
  • wide and small-angle x-ray diffractometers
  • custom emulsion polymerization equipment
  • Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer
  • AFM (Atomic Force Microscope)
  • Killion Extruder with Film and Pelletizer Dies
  • X-ray photoelectron spectrometer
  • Batch mixer for polymer melts
  • Ellipsometer
  • dynamic light scattering