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Energy & Chemicals

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Area of Research: Energy & Chemicals

CBME faculty are involved in many aspects of energy and chemicals research from production to processing to consumer use. Some faculty are also participants in the Institute for Gas Utilization Technologies and the Poromechanics Institute located at the University.

  • solid catalyzed and electric discharge catalyzed methane conversion to oxygenates, higher hydrocarbons, or olefins
  • heterogeneous catalysis for the aromatization of paraffins and the nitration of aromatics
  • single wall carbon nanotube - based fuel cell electrodes
  • prediction of thermodynamic properties of working fluids for sorptive refrigeration systems and for natural gas sweetening
  • high density bulk or adsorptive storage of natural gas
  • surfactants for cold detergency
  • heat integration across plants
  • improvement of plant energy efficiency through heat exchanger retrofit and simultaneous process optimization
  • hydrogen production from photocatalytic water splitting
  • upgrade of raw natural gas by solvent-extraction of diluents
  • phase behavior of inclusion gas in porous media
  • non-Darcy flow through porous media
  • well modeling for reservoir simulation
  • control of turbulence production-dissipation
  • turbulent reactive flow
  • catalytic reactor systems
  • electric field reactor
  • x-ray photoelection spectrometer
  • adsorptive storage apparatus
  • BET adsorption instrument
  • Berty gradientless reactor
  • IBM Risc 6000 workstations
  • photocatalytic reactor system
  • gas chromatographs
  • quadrupole mass spectrometers
  • FTIR with accessories
  • liquid and gel permeation chromatographs
  • atomic absorption spectrometer