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O'Rear, Edgar

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Edgar A. O'Rear III

Francis W. Winn Professor of Chemical Engineering
Affiliate Professor of Research, Dental Materials, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Ph. D. Chemical (Biomedical) Engineering (1981)
Rice University
S.M. Organic Chemistry (1977)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
B.S. Chemistry (1975)
Rice University

Experience and Awards
Regents' Award for Superior Teaching, 2018
Fellow with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers 2018
Co-founder and member, Institute for Applied Surfactant Research (1986-present);
Visiting Senior Researcher, Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, Japan (1988); Visiting Scientist RIKEN - Institute for Physical and Chemical Research, Japan (1992);
Program Director, Interfacial, Transport and Separations Program, National Science Foundation (1993-94);
Visiting Professor, Chulalongkorn University; (Summer 1995-2015); Director, University of Oklahoma Bioengineering Center (1999-2010);
Associate Dean for Research (1995-1999);
Secretary General (1992-99), Vice President (1999-2002), and President (2002-2005) of International Society of Biorheology;
Alpha Phi Omega Teaching Award 1999
Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineers.
Governor’s Cup, Inventor 2008
A.I.Ch.E. Student Chapter Orifice Teaching Award 2008, 2009
Inventor of the Year Award 2009
Advisory Board, Journal of Biorheology, (2009-present)
Regents’ Award for Superior Research, 2010
Chair, University of Oklahoma Faculty Senate, 2013-14
Gallogly College of Engineering Pursuit of Excellence Faculty Award, 2016

(405) 325-4379

My research interests are in the two principal areas of surfactant science and biomedical engineering. Using an interfacial polymerization process very similar to emulsion polymerization, we are modifying the surfaces of commercially important materials and also exploring the technique as a means of forming unusual polymers. Our efforts focus on learning the range of versatility of the method and on characterizing these thin polymer films. Other projects in the surface science group involve surfactant-based separations and the synthesis and study of novel surfactants. One of these is a double tail surfactant with a hydrocarbon chain and a fluorocarbon chain. We believe this extraordinary surfactant will form striated reverse, rod-like micellar aggregates which we have called "candy cane" micelles.

Within biomedical engineering, my students and I are interested in biotransport phenomena and particularly in biorheology. We are investigating thrombolysis or the dissolution of blood clots by plasminogen activators. In addition, damage to blood associated with the non-Physiolgic flow that occurs in some medical devices.

Research Web sites


Selected Publications

Hydration Accelerator and Photocatalyst of Nanotitanium Dioxide Synthesized via Surfactant-assisted Method in Cement Mortar(with J. Yuenyongsuwan, S. Sinthupinyo, T. Pongprayoon) Cement and Concrete Composites 96: 182-193, 2019.

Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Analyze Blood Flow, Hemolysis and Sublethal Damage to Red Blood Cells in a Bileaflet Artificial Heart Valve(with M. E. James, D. V. Papavassiliou) Fluids 4(1):19, 2019.

Antibacterial dental adhesive resins containing nitrogen-doped titanium dioxide nanoparticles(with F. Esteban Florez, R. Hiers, P. Larson, M. Johnson, A. Rondinone, S. Khajotia) J. Mtrls Sci Eng C 93: 931-943, 2018.

Possible erythrocyte contributions to and exacerbation of the post-thrombolytic no-reflow phenomenon (with S. J. Yu, J. P. Buerck, T. L. Whitsett) Biorheology 54:81-93, 2018.

Modified dextran, heparin-based triggered release microspheres for cardiovascular delivery of therapeutic drugs using protamine as a stimulus(with H. Nguyen)  J. Microencapsul 34(3):299-307, 2017

Flow‐Field Simulations and Hemolysis Estimates for the Food and Drug Administration Critical Path Initiative Centrifugal Blood(with  Pump(with M.L. Heck, A. Yen, T.A. Snyder, D.V. Papavassiliou) Artificial Organs: DOI: 10.1111/aor.12837, 2017.

An Approach for Assessing Turbulent Flow Damage to Blood in Medical Devices(with M. Ozturk, D. V. Papavassliou) J Biomech Eng 139(1), 011008, 2017

An in vitro Thrombolysis Study Using a Mixture of Fast-acting and Slower Release Microspheres(with H. Nguyen) Pharm Res 33(7):1552-63, 2016.

Heterogeneous Phase Fibrinolysis Rates by Damped Oscillation Rheometry(with J. S. Lee, M. Kaibara) Biorheology 53:81-92, 2016

Effect of Encapsulation on Plasminogen Activator Delivery to the Microcirculation and its Implications for Bleeding(with A. S. Thummala, J. K. Leach, E. Patterson) Clin Hemorheol Micro 68:373-379, 2016

Performance of Glass Woven Fabric Composites with Admicellar-Coated Thin Elastomeric Inter-phase(with H. J. Barraza, Y. K. Hamidi, L. Aktas, M.C. Altan) Compos Interface 24(2):125-148, 2016

Hydrophilic encapsulation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes using admicellar polymerization(with S. Hanumansetty, D. E. Resasco) Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 474: 1– 8, 2015

Hemodynamics of the Renal Artery Ostia with Implications for Its Structural Development and Efficiency of Flow(with W. H. McIntosh, M. Ozturk, L. A. Down, D. V. Papavassiliou) Biorheology 52: 257-268, 2015

Hemolysis Related to Turbulent Eddy Size Distributions Using Comparisons of Experiments to Computations(with M. Ozturk, D. V. Papavassliou) Art Organs 39:E227-#239, 2015

Aqueous Dual-Tailed Surfactants Simulated on the Alumina Surface(with Z. Liu, J. Yu and A. Striolo) J. Phy. Chem.B 118(32): 9695-9707, 2014.

Two-Site Adsolubilization Model of Incorporation of Fluoromonomers into Fluorosurfactants Formed on Cotton Fabric(with S. Hanumansetty) Langmuir 30(13), 3665-3672, 2014.

Enhancement in flame retardancy of cotton fabric by using surfactant-aided polymerization(with S. Nehra, S. Hanumansetty, J. Dahiya) J. Polym Degrad Stabil 109: 137, 2014

Biphasic Release of Protein from Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and PEG/modified Dextran Microspheres(with H. X. Nguyen) J. Biomed Mater Res 101(9): 2699-2705; 2013; 10.1002/jbm.a.34569

Evaluation for Warm Mix Additive-Modified Asphalt Binders Using Spectroscopy Techniques (with Z. Hossain, S. Lewis, M. Zaman and A. Buddhala) J Mater Civil Eng 25(2): 149-159, 2013.

Surfactant Effects on Application of a Hydrophobic, Fluoropolymer Coating to Cotton by Admicellar Polymerization( with P. Kothary and N. Yanumet) Fiber Polym 14(5): 710-717, 2013.

Arterial Deformation with Renal Artery Aneurysm as a Basis for Secondary Hypertension( with L. A. Down and D. V. Papavassiliou) Biorheology 50(1-2): 17-31, 2013.

Susceptibility of Asphalt Binder with Warm Mix Additives to Moisture Induced Damage by Surface Free Energy Analysis(with A. Buddhala, Z. Hossain, N. M. Wasiuddin and M. Zaman) J Test Eval 40: 91-99, 2012.

Stain Resistance of Cotton Fabrics Before and After Finishing with Admicellar Polymerization(with H. Hanumansetty, J. Maity and R. Foster) Appl Sci 2: 192-205, 2012.

Silicon-Compound Coating for Preparation of Water Repellent Cotton Fabric by Admicellar Polymerization(with S. Tragoonwichian, P. Kothary and N. Yanumet) Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects 384:381– 387, 2011

Admicellar Polymerization and Mixing in a Laboratory Dyeing Unit-A Variant of Rocking Reactors(with S. Hanumansetty, P. Kothary and N. Yanumet)  Ind Eng Chem Res 50 (10):6418-6425, 2011

Significance of Extensional Stresses to Red Blood Cell Lysis in a Shearing Flow(with L. Down and D. Papavassiliou) Ann Biomed Eng, 39(6), 1632-1642, 2011 (DOI: 10.1007/s10439-011-0262-0)

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Transient Stenotic-Like Occlusions as a Possible Mechanism for Renovascular Hypertension Due to Aneurysm(with L. A. Heflin, C. B. Street, D. V. Papavassiliou, D. C. Kem and D. Wu) J. Am. Soc. Hypertension 3: 192-200, 2009.

Conductance Measurement by Two-line Probe Method of Polypyrrole Nano-films Formed on Mica by Admicellar Polymerization(with C.-Y. Mou, W.-L. Yuan, I.-S. Tsai and H. Barraza) Thin Solid Films 516: 8752-8756, 2008.

Broad Ultraviolet Protection by Copolymerization of and 2-[3-(2H-benzotriazol-2-yl)-4-hydroxyphenyl]ethyl methacrylate and 2-hydroxy-4-acryloyloxybenzophenone on Cotton via Admicellar Polymerization(with S. Tragoonwichian and N. Yanumet) J. Appl. Polym Sci 108(6): 4004-4013, 2008.

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