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Mario Rojas

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Mario Roberto Rojas

Mario Roberto Rojas
Associated Faculty
School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering

·       University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona. Outstanding Graduate Student of the College of Engineering 2011.

       Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering (2011).  Dissertation: Advanced Oxidation of Chemicals of Emerging Concern: Modeling and Experimental Simulation.  Advisor: Eduardo Sáez (Distinguished Professor).

·       Simon Bolivar University, Caracas, Venezuela. 

       M.S. (Graduated with Honors) in Material Science and Engineering (2007). Thesis:  Rheology and porous media flow of complex fluids based on polymer/surfactant mixtures in aqueous solutions

       B.S in Material Science and Engineering (2004).  Honor’s undergraduate thesis distinction.

(405) 325-5811


Research Interest

·       Extensive experience studying the rheology and interfacial properties of polymer and polymer-surfactant aqueous solutions systems with emphasis on structure and physical properties relationship.

·       Advanced experience in the formulation and optimization of surfactant-polymer systems for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications, including field operations, formulation and injection.  Experience with micro-emulsion formulations and their interfacial properties. Knowledge and experience in the application of column and core-flood test for the evaluation of chemical flooding performance in EOR.

·       Well experience in multiphase flow computational and experimental simulations. Study of fluid-dynamics of non-Newtonian fluids; including the design and construction of experimental simulation systems for multiphase flow transport and porous medium flow studies.

·       Advanced knowledge and experience on fluid analysis for oil and gas, PVT laboratory tests and phase behavior with emphasis on EOR and flow assurance.

·       Advanced experience in the computational modeling of complex kinetic reactions systems such as Fenton’s, UV catalyzed processes, etc.

·       Advanced use and application of technical software and common computer tools: MS Access Databases, Origin-Pro Data Analysis, MATLAB, ASPEN and CHEMCAD.

·       Application of statistical analysis for complex data, including histograms, box-plots, cumulative functions, correlation coefficients, and design of experiments (DOE).

·       Application and use of analytical techniques such as gas chromatography (MS, FID, ECD); UV-Vis, FTIR and fluorescence spectroscopy. Also, well experience with rheometers and viscometers for polymers slurries and solutions (shear and extensional flow); IFT (Interfacial tension); surface tension, contact angle, light scattering and optical microscopy.

·       Experience in the design, formulation and optimization of water-based drilling fluids, including basic experience in field's drilling and well construction operations.

·       Lab experience in polymer synthesis processes: bulk, emulsion, suspension; and polymer characterization, including mechanical properties.


1.       M.R. Rojas, A. Raj, B-J Shiau, J.H. Harwell. “Development of Novel Extended Surfactant-Polymer Formulations for Enhanced Oil Recovery from High Salinity Reservoirs”. To be submitted to J. of Petroleum Science and Engineering.

2.       M.R. Rojas, A.E. Sáez.  “Analysis of the Horizontal Pipeline Flow of Non-Newtonian Settling Dense Slurries”.  Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 51 (2012) 7095−7103

3.       M.R. Rojas, C. Leung, F. Bonk, Y. Zhu, L. Edwards, R.G. Arnold, and A.E. Sáez. “Assessment of the Effectiveness of Secondary Wastewater Treatment Technologies to Remove Chemicals of Emerging Concern: A Review”.  Accepted in Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology (2012).

4.       M.R. Rojas, C. Leung, D. Whitley, Y. Zhu, R.G. Arnold and A. E. Sáez.  "Advanced Oxidation of Trace Organics in Water by Hydrogen Peroxide Solar Photolysis". Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 50 (2011) 12479–12487.

5.       M.R. Rojas, F. Perez, D. Whitley, R.G. Arnold, A.E. Sáez. “Kinetics and Modeling of Advanced Oxidation of Trace Organic Contaminants by Photolysis of Hydrogen Peroxide and Fenton’s Reaction”. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.  49 (2010) 11331–11343.

6.       M.R. Rojas, A.J. Müller, A.E. Sáez.  “Effects of the Ionic Strength on the Shear Rheology and Porous Media Flow of Wormlike Micelles from Opposed Charge Surfactant's Synergistic Mixtures”. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 342 (2010) 103-109.

7.       M. Calderón, M. Velasco, M.C. Strumia, A.T. Lorenzo, A.J. Müller, M.R. Rojas, A.E. Sáez.  “Synthesis of amphiphilic dendrons and their interactions in aqueous solutions with cetyltrimethylammonium p-toluenesulfonate (CTAT)”.  Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 336 (2009) 462–469

8.       J.L. Amundarain, L.J. Castro, M.R. Rojas,  S. Siquier, N. Ramírez,  A.J. Müller, A.E. Sáez.  “Shear Reology, Porous Media Flow And Solids Transport Of Xanthan Gum/Guar Gum Mixtures In Aqueous Solution”. Rheological Acta 48 (2009) 491-498.

9.       M.R. Rojas, A.J. Müller, A.E. Sáez.  Shear rheology and porous media flow of wormlike micelle solutions formed by mixtures of surfactants of opposite charge”. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 326 (2008) 221-226.

10.    M.R. Rojas, A.J. Müller, A.E. Sáez.  Synergistic effects in flows of mixtures of wormlike micelles and hydroxyethyl celluloses with or without hydrophobic modifications”.  Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 322 (2008) 65-72.

11.    M.R. Rojas, O. Andara,  A.J. Müller, S. Siquier, N. Ramírez,  A.E. Sáez. “Solids Transport in Solutions of Biopolymer Mixtures and Improvements on Solids Distribution in an Experimental Simulator of Flow in Vertical Conduits with Annular Cross Section”.  Revista de la Facultad de Ingeniería de la UCV Vol. 23, N° 3, 43–51 (2008).

12.    M.F. Torres, J. M. González, M.R. Rojas, A.J. Müller, A. E. Sáez, D. Löf , K. Schillén.  “Effect of the Ionic Strength on the Rheological Behavior under different Flow Fields of Aqueous Cetyltrimethylammonium      p-toluene Sulfonate Solutions”.  Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 307 (2007) 221-228.

13.    M.R. Rojas, C.E. Mendoza, S. Siquier, N. Rámirez,  A.J. Müller,  A.E. Sáez.  “Transport of Solids In a Non-Newtonian Annular Vertical Flow of Biopolymer Solutions”.  Revista de la Facultad de Ingeniería de la UCV Vol. 21, N° 1, 57–69 (2006).