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Harwell, Jeffrey

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Jeffrey H. Harwell

Professor of Emeritus, Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering (1983)
University of Texas at Austin
B.A. Chemistry (1974)
Texas A&M University
M.Div. (1977)
Western Conservative Baptist Seminary
M.S. Chemical Engineering (1979)
Texas A&M University 

OU Chemical Engineering Professor (1982 to Present)
Associate Dean of Engineering  (1998-2005)
Director  of Chemical Engineering (1991-1998)
NSF Program Director, Interfacial, Transport and Separation Processes Program, (July 1988 to July 1989)
Principal, Surfactant Associates, Inc., Norman, Oklahoma (1987 to Present)

(405) 325-7761

Institute for Applied Surfactant Research
Surfactant Associates, Inc.
Google Scholar

Almost all my research concerns surfactants and colloid science; much of it is directly related to applications. I am very interested in seeing people use what I have discovered or developed. Consequently, the importance of surfactants and colloid science in many different industrial applications involves me in a variety of technologies.

My research ranges from applied areas such as enhanced oil recovery (chemical flooding), environmental remediation (in-situ ground water remediation) or consumer products, to basic areas such as microemulsion theory and surfactant precipitation, which support the large number of industries that utilize surfactants. Current work includes a focus on specific ion effects in the formation of microemulsions, and how to capture these effects in the design process. All these topics are connected through the importance of surfactants in controlling interfacial properties in engineering systems.

I have ongoing efforts in enhanced oil recovery, which involve both the use of viscoelastic emulsions and in situ generation of carbon dioxide. A current focus of our work with surfactants in enhanced oil recovery is the minimization of surfactant adsorption on reservoir minerals using nanoparticles to reduce the chemical potential of the surfactants. The surfactant system is designed to release from the nanoparticles in the presence of the target reservoir oil. I have several industry partners in this research.

I work frequently with surfactant manufacturers and consumer products companies, especially in applications of microemulsions in the design and optimization of a variety of consumer products. A special area of emphasis in my work is the application of critical scaling theory to the design of microemulsions for specific application-critical properties and relating this to the structure of the surfactant molecules.

Selected Publications

Wang, Shuoshi; Chen, Changlong; Li, Keren; Shiau, Benjamin; Harwell, Jeffrey, "In-Situ CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery: Parameters Affecting Reaction Kinetics and Recovery Performance," Energy & Fuels, accepted, 2019.

Shengbo Wang, Changlong Chen, Mohannad J Kadum, Bor-Jier Shiau, Jeffrey H Harwell, “Enhancing foam stability in porous media by applying nanoparticles, J. Dispersion Science Technology, 39(5), 734-743, 2018.

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S. Wang, C. Chen, B. Shiau, J.H. Harwell, “In-situ CO2 generation for EOR by using urea as a gas generation agent,” Fuel, 217, 499-507 (2), 2018.

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Luchao Jin, Ahmad Jamili, Zhitao Li, Jun Lu, Haishan Luo, B. J. Ben Shiau, Mojdeh Delshad, Jeffrey H. Harwell, "Predicting Microemulsion Phase Behavior Using Physics-Based HLD-NAC Equation of State for Surfactant Flooding," Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 151, 213-223, 2017.

Javen S. Weston, Jeffrey H. Harwell  and  Brian P. Grady, “Rheological characterization of yield stress gels formed via electrostatic heteroaggregation of metal oxide nanoparticles,” Soft Matter, 13, 6743-6755, 2017.

Elsayed Abdelfatah, Maysam Pournik, Ben Shiau, Jeffrey Harwell, “Mathematical modeling and simulation of nanoparticles transport in heterogeneous porous media,” Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 40, 1-16, 2017.

Elsayed Abdelfatah, Kang Kang, Maysam Pournik, Ben Shiau, Jeffrey, Harwell, “Mechanistic study of nanoparticles deposition and release in porous media,” Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 157, 816-832, 2017.

Shengbo Wang, Changlong Chen, Bor-Jier Shiau, Jeffrey H. Harwell, “Enhancing foam stability in porous media by applying nanoparticles,” J. Dispersion Sci. Technol., 2017.

Kadhum, M., Swatske, D., Weston, J., Resasco, D., Shiau, B., Harwell, J., “Polymer Stabilized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Dispersions in High Salinity Brines,” Energy & Fuels, 31 (5), 5024–5030, 2017.

Luchao Jin, Ahmad Jamili, Zhitao Li, Jun Lu, Haishan Luo, B. J. Ben Shiau, Mojdeh Delshad, Jeffrey H. Harwell, “An Analytical Solution for Three Component, Two Phase Surfactant Flooding Based on HLD-NAC Equation of State,” Society of Petroleum Engineers Journal, 22 (05), 2017






Dr. Harwell and Dr. Shaiu work on Oil Recovery.  See the article from the Journal of Petroleum Technology.