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Crynes, Billy

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Billy L. Crynes

Professor of Emeritus,
Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering

B.S., Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (1963)
M.S., Purdue University (1966)
Ph.D., Purdue University (1967)

Development Engineer, E.I Du Pont Nemours, Inc. (1963-64)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Chemical Technology Division Advisory Board (1984-87)
Conoco Corporation National Scholarship Committee (1992-1998)
Professional Engineer Registration, Oklahoma
Dean of Engineering, University of Oklahoma (1987-1998)


Research Interests

I have two general areas of research interests. For the last five years, I have been especially interested in computer applications and other forms of information technology to enhance engineering learning and teaching activities. These interests do not simply address computer applications for more sophisticated and powerful modeling and simulation, but rather the pedagogy necessary for human-technology interaction so that there can be markedly improved efficiency and effectiveness in the learning process.

In the more traditional areas of research, I have investigated high temperature decomposition of hydrocarbons, particularly reactor surface effects as they modify the conversation and product distribution.

These studies have involved simple hydrocarbons ranging from methane through propane and up to more complex mixtures of hydrocarbons, such as extremely large paraffinic materials and their mixtures. Also, I have been interested in applied catalysis of hydrotreating operations for heavy crudes and synthetic crudes from shale, tar sands, and coal liquids. There is a continued need for upgrading these into higher quality products. The removal of nitrogen, oxygen, and metal containing compounds is necessary, in many cases, before usable products can result. I also have research interests in the kinetics of a wide range of reacting systems.

Selected Publications

"Where's The Proof? A Review of Literature on Effectiveness of Information Technology in Education," (with M. Kadiyala), Frontiers in Education Conference, FIE '98, Tempe, Arizona, November 4-7, 1998.

"The Computer Is Critical For Globalization Of Engineering Education," Plenary Session 3, Global Congress On Engineering Education, Cracow, Poland, September 6-11, 1998.

"Requiring Freshman Engineering Students To Own Computers - Can This Be Justified At A Large Comprehensive University?" (With Hawley, J. Kumin, H., Glenn, S.) ASEE 1998, Seattle, Washington, June 14-18, 1998.

"They Already Do It: Common Practices in Primary Education That Engineering Education Should Use," (with D.A. Crynes), Proceedings and CDROM, 1997 Frontiers in Education Conference, FIE '97, Pittsburgh, PA, November 5-8, 1997.

"Stimulating Development of Technology Based Teaching/Learning," (with J.A. Hawley), Proceedings and CDROM, 1997 Frontiers in Education Conference, FIE '97, Pittsburgh, PA, November 5-8, 1997.

Novel Production Methods for Ethylene, Light Hydrocarbons, and Aromatics, (with B.L. Crynes, L.F. Albright, S. Nowak, Eds., (New York: Marcel Dekker) 1991