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Freda Meyer Guild Award

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The Freda Meyer Guild Award for the Outstanding Junior Female Student in Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering


As an honor to a loving wife and mother and to recognize a pioneer in chemical engineering at the University of Oklahoma, the family of Freda Meyer Guild has established the Freda Meyer Guild Award for the outstanding junior female student in the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering. Freda entered the University of Oklahoma in the fall of 1938 and earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering in 1943. In doing so, she was the first female to graduate from the chemical engineering program at the University of Oklahoma.

2020-21 Tara Meeker
2019-20 Hailey Fisher
2018-19 Nhung Duong
2017-18 Brittney O'Neill
2015-16 Shirley_Luz Enombo
2014-15 Jennifer Carmichael
2013-14 Tu Pham
2012-13 Victoria Antonio
2011-12 Sarah Stephenson
2010-11 Whitney Prickett
2009-10 Linden Heflin
2008-09 Amber Burke
2007-08 Leann Johnson
2006-07 Carrie Farberow
2005-06 Holly M. Krutka
2004-05 Maricel Marquez
2003-04 Jessica Yankovich