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DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug. 20Welcome for all Graduate Students Dr. Brian Grady, Director Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
Aug 27OU lab Safety Training Dave Clark
OU Safety Officer
Sept 17 C-C Cross-Coupling Reactions using Earth-Abundant Cooper-Based NanocatalystsDr. Mari Andiappan
Oklahoma State University
Sept 24The Catalytic Science of Making Up and Breaking Up NitrogenDr. Bill Schneider
University of Notre Dame
Oct 1Molecular Structures of Polymer and Biological Molecules at Buried InterfacesDr. Zhan Chen
University of Michigan
Oct 22Nanomaterials for Morphogen Delivery in Skeletal Tissue RegenerationDr. Esmaiel Jabbari
University of South Carolina
Oct 29   
Nov 5Modification of a Bentonite Clay with the Ionic Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium EthylsulfateDr Steven T. ("Sam") Adamy
Church & Dwight
Nov 19 Membranes in Bioprocessing - New Developments and InsightsDr. Andrew Zydney
Pennsylvania State University
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
11-SepAFM Studies of the Admicellar polymetization processJohn O'Haver Department of Chemical Engineering University of Mississippi
18-Sep __________Comparison of the Neocartilage Formed on Two Scaffold MaterialsAnu Subramanian Department of Chemical Engineering
25-Sep Structure, Scattering, and Synthesis in Surfactant SolutionsEric W. Kaler Dean, College of Engineering University of Delaware
9-OctInfluence of Polymer Structures on their Effectiveness in Drag Reduction
Thomas Hanratty Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering University of Illinois
 Oct 16Designing Degradable Gels from Multifunctional Monomers and their Application in Tissue Engineering
Kristi Anseth Department of Chemical Engineering University of Colorado
 Oct 23Biological and Colloidal Pattern Formation in Electric Fields with Potential Application to MicrofluidicBiotechnologies Robert D. Tilton Department of Chemical Engineering
 Oct 30
Blending of Polymers with Chaotic Mixing

Sadhan C. Jana Department of Polymer Engineering University of Akron
 Dec 4Directed Assembly of 3-D Periodic Structures UsingColloidal Inks Jim Smay Department of Chemical Engineering
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
15-JanThe Near-Term Energy Challenge and Surfactant Methods
Kishmore Mohanty Department of Chemical Engineering University of Houston
22-Jan __________Self-organizing Polymer Membranes for Ultra- and NanofiltrationAnne Mayes Department of Material Science and Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12-Feb   Entropic Measures of Mixing Tailored for Various Applications   Ica Manas-Zloczower Department of Macromolecular Science Case Western Reserve University
19-FebProton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells: Membrane Electrode Assembly. Electrode and Electrocatalvst Fundamental Technological AspectsCarlos Cavalca DuPont
   Feb 26Tissue Engineering Solutions for Reconstructive Surgery**Charles Patrick University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
   Mar 11Protein Adsoption at Fluid/Fluid Interfaces: Birth and Death   Clayton Radke Department of Chemical Engineering University of California-Berkeley
  Mar 25
Base Oil Production and Manufacturing

Michel Daage ExxonMobil
8-Apr Harry FairRheoloqv and Fluid Mechanics of Polymer Solutions Undergoing Rapid Elongation DeformationsRobert C. Armstrong Department of Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology
22-AprEngineering Approaches for Circumventing the Blood-Brain BarrierEric V. Shusta Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering University of Wisconsin
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
26-AugWelcome and Orientation for CBME Graduate Students
CBME Graduate Student Organization
27-Aug __________Iniectable Biomemetic Scaffolds for Regeneration of Skeletal TissuesEsmaiel Jabbari University of South CarolinaColumbia, South Carolina
16-Sep   Continuous. Macroscopic Fibers from Liquid CrystallineMesophases of Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes in Superacids   Matteo Pasquali Rice University Houston, Texas
23-SepClean Fuels R&D at ConocoPhillipsByron Johnson ConocoPhillips Bartlesville, Oklahoma
   Oct 21Synthesis of Nanomaterials in Dusty PlasmasThemis Matsoukas Pennsylvania State University University Park, Pennsylvania
   Oct 28Modeling and Numerical Simulation of the Flow-InducedDeformation of Red Blood Cells   Constantine Pozrikidis University of California, San Diego La Jolla, California
   Nov 4
Surfactant/Polymer Interactions with Solids: Nanostructure ofAdsorbed Lavers and its Role in Wettability. Dispersion, Flotation

Ponisseril Somasundaran New York, New YorkColumbia University Deposition and Solubilization
2-DecNew Vistas in Dispersion Science and EngineeringDarsh Wasan Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois
9-DecEffect of Chain Scission on Polymer Turbulent Drag ReductionMichael J. Solomon University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
20-JanDoing a Literature Search in Engineering
Karen Antell Engineering Library University of Oklahoma
27-Jan __________Calcification of Implantable Biomaterials. Mechanisms andSolutions: An Industrial Researchers PerspectiveRichard E. Phillips Cardiac Surgery North America The Sorin Group
3-Feb   AFM Characterization of the Stability and Structure of Cell Culture Model Matrices   Adam T. Capitano Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering University of Houston
10-FebSynthesis and Functionalization of Compound  Semiconductor NanocrystalsT. J. Mountziaris Department of Chemical Engineering University of Buffalo (SUNY)
   Feb 17Self Assembly of Surfactants in Aqueous Solution: FromEngineering Theory Toward Multi-Scale SimulationsHenry Bock Department of Chemical North Carolina State University
   Feb 24Rheoloay and Microstructure of Dense Colloidal Gels   Subramanian Ramakrishnan Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
   Mar 3
A Game Theoretic Approach to Multi-Obiective Process Designs

Warren D. Seider Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering University of Pennsylvania
7-MarSynthesis of Inorganic Porous Materials by Using Structure-Directing AgentsHyunjoo Lee Department of Chemical Engineering California Institute of Technology
10-MarSimulations: The Molecular Tool for Interpreting Experimental ResultsAlberto Striolo Department of Chemical Engineering Oklahoma University
7-Apr   Production of H2 and Alkanes by Aqueous-Phase of Biomass-Derived Oxygenated Hydrocarbons over Supported Metal CatalystsJames A. Dumesic Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering University of Wisconsin —Madison
25-AprA Universal Mixing Rule for Cubic Equations of State Applicable to Symmetric and Asymmetric SystemsEpaminondas C. Voutsas School of Chemical Engineering National Technical University of Athens
28-AprEnergy Markets and the Future of RefiningDennis O'Brien Institute for Energy Economics and Policy University of Oklahoma
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
8-SepIntelligent system Via Web Applications for Manufacturing Optimization
Fran k Zhu UOP Chicago, Illinois       
15-Sep __________pH Responsive Polymer Films and Membrane FilmsG. Kane Jennings Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee
22-Sep   Laboratory Safety   Trent Brown University of Oklahoma
29-SepProduct and Process Design for Structured Chemical ProductsMichael Hill M Hill & Associates New Jersey
   Oct 13Fire Safety TrainingGary Marquis University of Oklahoma
   Oct 20Modeling for Micro-Chip Manufacturing. Pathogen Killingand Hydrocarbon Well Drilling: Common Themes & Case Studies   Michael Nikolaou University of Houston Houston, Texas
   Nov 17
Tissue Engineering of the Human Vocal Fold

Roger Chan
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
1-DecMultiscale Modeling of Complex Reacting Systems
Richard D. Braatz University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
19-JanNetworking Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Mohammed Atiquzzaman University of Oklahoma
25-Jan __________Computational Tools for Nanostructure ModelingJohn Mintmire Oklahoma State University Stillwater, Oklahoma
2-Feb  The Flow, Aging and Memory of Soft Particle Pastes    Roger T. Bonnecaze University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas
9-FebDNA Dynamics in a Microchannel: Confinement and Boundary Effects in Flowing Polymer SolutionsMichael D. Graham University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, Wisconsin
   Feb 23 Harry FairDiscovery of Novel Therapeutic Antibodies EnzymesGeorge Georgiou
   Mar 2Colloids with Directional Interactions: New Building Blocks for Self Assembly   David J. Pine New York University New York, New York
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker

Will reschedule due to weather

Predicting Polymer properties in polyethylene resins from detailed polymer microstructure obtained by size exclusion chromatography and on-line Fourier transform infraredapectroscopy (SEC-FTIR)

Paul J. DesLauriers Chevron Phillips
25-Jan __________Will Provide New Solutions for Airlines. PassengersJim Griffing Boeing Corporation
30-Jan Predicting polymer properties in polyethylene resins from detailed polymer microstructure obtained by size exclusion chromatography and on-line Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (SEC-FTIR)Paul J. DesLauriers Chevron Phillips   
1-FebHierarchical Modeling of Nanoporous Metal-Organic Materials for Catalysis and Energy StorageRandall Snurr Northwestem
8-FebLarge-scale Dynamic Optimization in Chemical EngineeringLorenz T. Biegler Carnegie Mellon
15-FebProcesses and Applications for Electrospun FibersGregory Rutledge MIT
22-FebBioreactors for Tissue Engineering: A Comqined Experimental and Modeling Approach.Timothy Wick University of Alabama, Birmingham  
27-FebGlobal energy market: commercial drivers. offshore exploration technologies production technologies and applicationsMr. Ken Backus OKC Valve and Fitting Co. Swagelok
8-MarCounterion Effects on Molecular Mobility in Perfluorosulfonate lonomer MembranesRobert Moore University of Southem Mississippi
15-MarTailoring the Wettabilitv of PLA and PHA Films Using Surface-Confined Photografting   Doug Hirt Clemson University
5-AprThree Frontiers in the Thermodynamics of Protein SolutionsJohn Prausnitz UC Berkeley Harry Fair Lecturer
19-AprUsing Atomically-Detailed Models to Accelerate Materials Discovery for Hvdorgen Purification and Storage.David Sholl Carnegie Mellon
26-AprFrom Surface Renewal to Surface Divergence: The Evolution of Models for Turbulent Transport ProcessesSanjoy Banerjee University of California
3-MayAngiogenesis on Demand: A Tool for Regenerative MedicineDavid Mooney Harvard Harry Fair Lecturer
17-MaySupramolecular Nanoassemblies from Cvclodextrins: Effects of Temperature, Salts, and Dissolved Gases on Formation of pseudopolyrotaxanesLo Nostro Pierandrea University of Florence
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
10-JanLanthanum Exchanged Zeolites as Refining CatalystsCarsten Sievers Georgia Institute of Technology 

17-Jan __________
Functionally-Equivalent Tissue Modules to Study Human Tissue Physiology and PathophysiologyHeather Fahlenkamp Oklahoma State University
24-Jan"Untangling The Origins Of Complex Phase Behavior In Amorphous Macromolecules: Dynamics And Thermodynamics In Polyolefin Blends   Jeffrey L. White Oklahoma State University   
31-JanPhase Equilibria of Hvdrofluorocarbons in Ionic LiquidsMark B. Shiflett Dupont Central Research and Development
Feb 7  Liquefied Natural Gas Technology and ProgressChen-Hwa Chiu Chevron
Feb 21  Hydrophobicity: Theoretical and Computational PerspectivesPablo Debenedetti Princeton University   
Mar 12   Alkane Activation and Conversion on Solid Oxide CatalystsFriederike Jentoft Fritz-Haber Institut Der Max -Planck-Gesellschaft 
13-MarProteins Behaving badly: Protein Misfoldinq and Aggregation in Neurodegenerative DiseaseRegina Murphy University of Wisconsin - Madison
27-MarPolyolefin Nanocomposites: Structure and PropertiesR. Paul University of Texas Austin
3-AprPolymer Nanocomposites: Learning to Design the Interface   Linda Schadler Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
10-AprUnderstanding and designing at the nanoscale: the crucial role of theory and simulation in nanoscale and nanotechnologyPeter Cummings Vanderbilt University
15-AprPickering Emulsions - A Paradigm ShiftLenore Dai Texas Tech University
24-AprMolecular Modeling of the Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Ionic LiquidsEdward Maginn University of Notre Dame
1-MayMolecular Thermodynamics of Solid-Fluid and Solid-EquilibriumPeter Monson University of Massachusetts Amherst
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
28-AugGraduate Students Meet the faculty 

4-Sep __________
Graduate Student Orginization ChEGS 
18-SepThermochemical Pathways to Advanced BioFuels   Robert C. Brown Iowa State University   
25-SepExploring Hydrophobic to Hydrophilic Hydration of Solutes and Interfaces: Implications for Binding and AssemblyShekhar Garde Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Oct 2  Our Energy Future - Opportunities, Risks. TradeoffsDale Keaims Department of Energy
Oct 9  Two Issues in Suspension Mechanics: Particle Phase Pressure and The Role of InertiaJeffrey F. Morris City College of New York   
Oct 16  Microengineered Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering Ali Khademhosseini MIT  
23-OctPhase Behavior and Microstructure of Complex Fluids: Advances in Molecular ModelingWalter G. Chapman Rice University
30-Octlonomers. They Are Not Just For Golf BallsRobert A. Weiss University of Connecticut
6-Nov"De Novo Protein Design: Advances and Challenges"   Christodoulos A. Floudas Princeton University
13-NovSurface Protrusion and Tether Extraction during LeukocyteJin-Yu Shao Saint Louis
4-DecTransport Phenomena in the Human BrainAndreas A. Linniger University of Illinois, Chicago
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
22-JanA Sticky Situation in the Blood: Dissecting Platelet-Coagulation Factor InteractionsOwen J. T. McCarty Oregon Health Science University 

29-Jan __________
Materials and Processes for Thin Film Flexible ElectronicsZhenan Bao Stanford University
5-FebMesoscopic Simulations of Order-Disorder Transitions and Self-Assembly in Colloidal and Polymeric Systems   Fernando Escobedo Cornell University   
12-FebDirect Catalytic Conversion of Cellulose to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)".Conrad Zhang KiOR, Inc.
19-FebNanocoatings. Degradable Metals, and Surface Functionalization: Towards High-Performance Vascular BiomaterialsDiego Mantovani Laval University
Feb 26  Block Copolymer—Directed Nanomaterial Synthesis and OrganizationPaschalis Alexandridis  Buffalo University   
Mar 5  Unraveling the Complexity of Industrial Catalysts Using In Situ XAFS Simon R. Bare UOP LLC, a Honeywell Company  
12-MarSimulating Stimulating Interfaces: Applications in Adsorption and CatalysisC. Heath Turner University of Alabama
26-MarFunctionality-Based Process Design: Shifting from Mass Integration Property IntegrationMahmoud M. El-Halwagi Texas A&M University
16-Apr"Nanocoatings, degradable metals, and surfactant  functionalisation: Towards high-performance vascular biomaterials"   Diego Mantovani Laval Univerity, Quebec City, Canada
23-AprDesigning Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Catalysts Through Modern Computational Techniques: The Future of Rational DesignKendall Thomson Purdue University
30-AprCapstone Presentations 
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
27-AugA Preliminary Study on the use of surface-motified Nanoparticles for Mobility control and reservoir monitoring  Chuh Huh U T Austin
3-Sep __________Graduate Student Welcome 

Fire and Life Safety in the Labs 

 Fire Inspector   

Justin Daniels,  OU Dept of Risk Management   
17-SepModeling and Simulation of Dynamics of Polymeric  Solutions: Progress and ChallengesBamin Khomami  University of Tennessee
Sept 24  Dynamics and Migration of Confined Polymers Driven by Shearing Flows and ElectrophoresisJason E. Butler University of Florida
Oct 1  Using Computer Simulations to Design Self-Healing MaterialsAnna Balazs University of Pittsburgh   
Oct 8  Surface Science Approaches for Biorefining Catalyst Design  Will Medlin University of Colorado  
15-OctDesigner Nanoparticles for Drug DeliverySamir Mitragotri UC Santa Barbara
22-OctLiterally Big Nano: Bulk Nanostructured Materials for Aerospace and Infastructure ApplicationsBrian Wardle MIT
29-OctBiomaterial Regulation of Intercellular Signaling in Engineered Tissues   John P. Fisher University of Maryland
5-NovDrag Reducing PolymerZhiyi Bao Conoco Phillips
19-NovSelf-Assembilinq Block Copolymers for Gene Delivery and BiomineralizationSurya K. Mallapragada Iowa State University
3-DecEnantioselectivitv on Chiral SurfacesAndrew J. Gellman Carnegie Mellon University
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
28-JanCarbon Nanotube NetworksRavi Kane Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

11-Feb __________
The Design of Nanoscale Therapeutics and Nanostructured Materials  Ravi Kane Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
18-FebPathway Engineering in Microalage for Biofuel Production   Tyler W. Johannes University of Tulsa   
25-FebDirected Assembly of Complex Macromolecules and its Application to NanofabricationJuan de Pablo University of Wisconsin
4-MarShape Selective Chemical Conversion of Oxygen Containing MoleculesAditya Bhan Minnesota
Mar 11  Process Synthesis and Design Optimization under UncertaintySelen Cremaschi University of Tulsa   
Mar 25  Enabling Technologies in Tissue Engineering and Cell‑Based Therapies: The Case of the Pancreatic Substitute  Athanassios Sabanis Georgia Institute of Technology  
1-AprCatalytic Conversion of Biorenewable Molecules to Fuels and Chemicals  Robert J. Davis University of Virginia
15-AprSimulations of Self-Assembly in Surfactant Nanoparticle and Block Copolymer SystemsAthanassios Z. Panagiotopoulos  Princeton University
7-MayThe Use of a Completely Negative Enrichment Technology to Isolate Circulating Tumor Cells: Clinical Implications   Jeffrey Chalmbers Ohio State University
25-MayResearch on Composites Containing Carbon Nanotubes at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (Germany)Petra Potschke Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (Germany)
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
26-Aug Host: Brian GradySorted Carbon Nanotube Networks for Transistors and SensorsZhenan Bao Stanford University  
9-Sep Host: Daniel Resasco __________Electronic Structure Methods in Heterogeneous Catalysis: Reaction Mechanisms and Novel MaterialsManos Mavrikakis University of Wisconsin
16-Sep Host: Lance Lobban/Brian GradyLipid-based Anti-Inflammatory Drug Delivery   Ramanan Krishnamoorti University of Houston   
23-Sep Host: Pete HeinzelmanTandem Mass Spectrometry Tools for Measuring Metabolic Fluxes in Living CellsMaciek R. Antoniewicz Delaware University
7-Oct Host: Rick Mallinson Distributed Pyrolysis of Agricultural Biomass for the Production of Refinable Crude Bio-oil and Valuable CoproductsAkwasi A. Boateng Agricultural Research Service, US Department of Agriculture
14-Oct Host: Roger HarrisonDesigner Nanoparticles for Drug DeliverySamir Mitragotri University of California, Santa Barbara   
21-Oct Host: Dave Schmidtke Mechanosensing and the Regulation of Tissue Barriers Deborah E. Leckband University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign  
28-Oct Host: Brian Grady/Daniel ResascoFluid Phases of Nano-CarbonMatteo Pasquali Rice University
4-Nov Host: Roger HarrisonNanoparticles for the Targeted Delivery of ChemotherapeuticsMichael Pishko Texas A&M University
18-Nov Host: Dave SchmidtkeCancer Cells in Transit: A Biochemical and Biophysical Analysis of the Vascular Interactions of Tumor Cells   Konstantinos Konstantopoulos Johns Hopkins University
2-Dec Host: Alberto StrioloThe Meaning of Wetting and Hydrophobicity at the Molecular ScaleMiquel B. Salmeron Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. University of California, Berkeley
6-Dec Host: John ScamehornSolute Partitioning in Multi-Component Micellar Solutions: Modeling and Experimental StudyIrina Smirnova Technische Universität Hamburg
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
13-JanCalcium phosphate biomaterials in skeletal repair applicationsCueyt Tas University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center 

20-Jan __________
Anisotropic Particle Assembly at InterfacesKathleen Stebe University of Pennsylvania
27-JanCatalytic Activation of CO2 and Hydrocarbon Using Porous Metal OxidesSteven L. Suib University of Connecticut   
3-FebModel materials for control of Biofueling and robust functional biohybridsGabriel P. Lopez University of New Mexico
10-Feb CANCELLEDTreating Contaminated Water Using Nanomaterials and CatalysisMichael S. Wong Rice University
Feb 17  Insight into the Kinetics of Oligomer Formation During AmyloidosisGeorges Belfort Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute   
Feb 24  New Perspectives in Control System Design -- Pseudo Contrained to Market Responsive Control  Donald J. Chmielewski, Illinois Institute of Technology  
10-MarHydrodynamic Interactions in Inertial Solid-Liquid SuspensionsJos Derksen University of Alberta
24-MarCatalyst Synthesis by Atomic Layer DespositionPeter C. Stair Northwestern University (now department chair but chemistry and not Chem Engr.)
31-MarCANCELLED  John K. Brennan Army Research Laboratory
14-AprMolecule-Based Modeling of Complex Reaction SystemsMichael T. Klein University of Delaware
21-AprNanostructured Carbons for Energy-Related ApplicationsYury Gogotsi Drexel University
28-AprHamessing Light Using Nanomaterials: Implications for a Renewable Energy FutureRadhakrishna Sureshkumar Syracuse University
5-MayDesign of Bio-Inspired Heterogeneous Catalysts: Synthesis, CHaracterization, and PerformanceAlexander S. Katz University of California, Berkeley
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
25-AugOU Safety SeminarTrent Brown Fire Department
1-Sep __________Chemical Energy Storage: A grand challenge for caralysisRobert Schlögl Director, Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max Planck Society, Berlin, Germany
8-SepOscillating flows and their application to energy, materials, and microsystem designDaniel T. Schwartz Chair, UW Department of Chemical Engineering, Seattle, WA   
15-Sep3D imaging and modeiling of wetting-phase displacements in porous materialKarsten E. Thompson Lowe Professional Development Professor, Craft & Hawkins Department of Petroleum Engineering, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
22-SepTransport and control of catalytic and mineral-driven micromotorsDarrell Velegol Professor, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Pennsylvania State Univ., University Park PA
6-OctTreating Contaminated Water Using Nanomaterials and CatalysisMichael S. WongChemistry, Rice University, Houston TX   
27-OctNanoconfined Polymerization: Reaction Kinetics and PropertiesPaul Whitfield Horn Sindee Simon Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX  
10-NovTechnological, Climate Change and Sustainability Aspects of Future Transportation FuelsSabrina Spatari Professor, Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engr., Drexel Univ., Philadelphia PA
17-NovPhysics and modelling of particle dispersion in turbulent flowsAlfredo Soldati Professor and Director, Laboratory for Environmental & Fluid Mechanics, Dip. Energetica e Macchine Via delle scienze 208, 33100 Udine
1-DecTransport of pathogens and other intracellular particles by the polymerization of microfilaments  Richard B. Dickinson Professor and Chair, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Jan. 19Technology Innovation in the Fuels and Petrochemicals IndustryGavin Towler – C. M. Sliepcevich Lecture Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL and Senior Manager of Process Design Development, UOP LLC, Des Plaines, IL
Jan. 26Nanomedicine Transitions toMauro Ferrari
_________Transport OncophysicsPresident and CEO, Ernest Cockrell Jr. Distinguished Endowed Chair, The Methodist Hospital Research Institute President, Houston, TX
Feb. 2"Synthesis and Characterization of Complex Nanostructured Materials"Leonard Pease Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition University of Utah, Salt Lake City
Feb. 9Environmental Effects of Tissue Engineered CartilageGilda Barabino Associate Chair for Graduate Studies & Professor, Wallace H. Coulter Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Feb. 16A Sustainably Smooth Ride with NanocompositesCharles Zukoski – Harry Fair Lecturer U Illinois, Urbana-Champagne
Feb. 23Hydrocarbon transport, sorption and catalytic transformationJohannes Lercher TU München, Department of Chemistry, Chair for Chemical Technology and PNNL, Institute for Integrated Catalysis, Director
1-MarEngineering molecular imaging probes for nanomedicineGang Bao Professor, Robert A. Milton Chair in Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering Distinguished Professor, Wallace H. Coulter Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
8-Mar"Coal-, gas-, biomass- and waste-to-liquids conversion: Yes, no or maybe?"Arno de Klerk Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
Mar. 15 CANCELLEDDynamics of elastic capsules and erythrocytes in microfluidic channels and the microcirculationPanogiotis Dimitrakopoulos Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park
5-AprSynergistic Approaches in Molecular and Nanoscale Therapeutics and Delivery Systems for Cancer DiseasesKaushal Rege Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Arizona State UniversityTempe, SZ
19-AprMethanol-to-Hydrocarbons: The Carbon Pool (R)EvolutionJeffrey L. White Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
CANCELLED 26-AprLost in Post-translation: Glycoengineering Applications in BiotechnologyMichael Betenbaugh Professor, JHU Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Home, Baltimore, MD
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug.  23 ___________An Introduction to Laboratory SafetyTrent Brown, OU Environmental Health and Safety Officer
Aug. 30Anti-Cancer Natural Killer Cells: May the Force Be with Them - But Which OnePer Basse, Associate Professor, Department of Immunology, School of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, PA
Sept. 6Hydrodynamics of Gas-Solid Flows with a Continuous Size Distribution:  Experiments and TheoryChristine Hrenya, Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Sept. 13Scifinde r/ Web of Science / PubMed TutorialLina Ortega, Chemistry & Mathematics Librarian James Bierman, Engineering Librarian, Assistant Professor of Bibliography
Sept. 20New Catalytic Technologies for Production of Renewable Fuels and Chemicals from BiomassGeorge Huber, Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering Univ of Wisconsin
Sept. 27Electrodes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and ElectrolyzersRaymond J. Gorte, Russell Pearce and Elizabeth Crimian Heuer Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE), Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), University of Pennsylvania
Oct. 4Micropatterned Surfaces and Sensors for Analysis of Living CellsAlexander Revzin, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, UC Davis, CA
Oct. 11Fire Safety Seminar and Hands-on TrainingJustin Daniels, OU Fire Inspector
Oct. 18Inventing New Technologies using Physical and Computational Experiments in Flows, Materials, and Human PerceptionRajeev Chhabra, Proctor and Gamble Corp.
Nov. 15Tailoring the Catalytic Properties of Transition Metals and Aluminosilicates Guided by First-Principles CalculationsLars Grabow, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Univ. Houston, TX
Nov. 29Remendable and “Self-healing” Cross-linked Polymers and CompositesGiuseppe Palmese, Professor and Head, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia PA
Dec. 6Mechanical Stimulation of Synthetic Hydrogel Niches for Applications in Musculoskeletal RegenerationStephanie Bryant, Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Univ. Colorado, Boulder, CO
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Jan. 17Synthesis and Applications of Nanocrystalline Zeolites in Catalysis, Adsorption and Drug Delivery (PDF)Sarah Larsen, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Iowa,
Jan. 24Pyrolysis of Agricultural Biomass for Production of Refinable Crude Bio-Oil (PDFCharles Mullen,  Research Chemist, Eastern Regional Research Center, ARS, USDA, Wyndmoor PA 19038
Feb. 7How to Tie Peptide Knots (PDF) A. James Link, Assistant Professor, Departments of Chemical and Biological Engineering and Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Feb. 14 Harry G Fair Memorial SeminarEffects of Local Composition, Structure, and Confinement on the Activity and Selectivity of Catalytically Active Sites (PDF)Alesis T. Bell, The Dow Professor of Sustainable Chemistry, UC Berkeley, Dept of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
18-FebProbing angiogenesis with a hybrid manganese-ultralow gadolinium nanocolloids and drug delivery:  synthesis, characterization and translation (PDF)Dipanjan Pan, assistant professor of medicine, research division of cardiology Siteman Cancer Center, Washington University, St. Louis MO
Feb. 21Designer Proteins for Materials Synthesis and Assembly (PDF) Francois Baneyx, Charles W.H. Matthaei Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Feb. 28Targeting Tumor Vasculature and Reactivating Tumor Immunity with Bavituximab (PDF) Philip Thorpe, Professor of Pharmacology, The Serena Simmons Distinguished Chair, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, TX
7-Mar Cancelled 
14-MarAsphaltenes and Emulsions, Oh My (PDF)Harvey Yarranton, Professor, Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Schulich School of Engineering , University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
4-AprIn Silico: Expressway to Materials Design (PDF)Coray Colina, Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
18-AprToward imaging membrane protein assembly and dynamics with in-situ atomic force microscopyPaul Ashby, Professor, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
25-AprInterfacial Dynamics and Mechanics at the MicroscaleShelley Anna, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA
2-MayWater Structural Transformation at Molecular Hydrophobic InterfacesDor Ben-Amotz, Professor- Physical Chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry - Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug. 29Laboratory Safety (PDF)Trent Brown, University of Oklahoma
5-SepIdentifying New Paradigms in Crystal Engineering for Catalysis and Biomedical Applications (PDF)Jeffrey Rimer, University of Houston, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Houston, TX
Sept. 19Life Cycle Based Approaches for Understanding Environmental Sustainability of Emerging BiofuelsVikas Khanna, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA
Oct. 3 Unraveling Cellulose for Renewable Plastics and FuelsPaul J. Dauenhauer, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Oct. 10Stem Cell Therapy: Regeneration and TrackingLaure Suggs, Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin
Oct. 17Disease-Inspired Materials Science: From Biopolymers to BP Paul Russo, Roy Paul Daniels Professor, Department of Chemistry, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA
Oct. 24 Biomedical Applications of Emulsion TemplatingElizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez,Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Texas A&M University
Oct. 31Engineering catalysts for improved hydrothermal stabilityAbhaya Datye, Professor, Distinguished Regents Professor, Director, Center for Micro-Engineered Materials, Department of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Nov. 21 CANCELLEDEnergy from Biomass for Sustainable DevelopmentGerard Ostheimer, Science Advisor, USDA
Dec. 5Process Systems Engineering for Renewable EnergyChristos T. Maravelias, Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Jan. 16Antibiotic Biosynthesis on Enzymatic Assembly LinesChaitan Khosla, Professor, Wells H. Rauser and Harold M. Petiprin Chemical Engineering Stanford University
Jan. 23
Hydrophobically Modified Biopolymers – a Hook for Drug Delivery and Energy Technologies
Vijay John, Professor, - The Leo S. Weil Professor in Engineering, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
an. 30Mechanical Supports to Redirect Tissue Remodeling in Mechanically Active Soft TissuesWilliam R. Wagner, Professor of Surgery, Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering, Director, McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA
Role of Technology in Meeting Refining Challenges
Prakash Karpe, APC Network Lead Phillips 66, Houston, TX
Feb. 13
Multiscale and Patient-specific Systems Biology
Scott L. Diamond, Arthur E. Humphrey Professor and Chair Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Feb. 20Modularization of metabolic pathways to facilitate biological synthesisKristala Jones Prather, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
Mar. 13 Harry G Fair Memorial LectureNew Heterogeneous Catalysts for Converting Sugars in Aqueous Media  Mark Davis, Warren and Katharine Schlinger Professor of Chemical Engineering, California institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
Mar. 27 First Principles investigations of catalytic trends in biomass conversion and electrocatalysisJeffrey Greeley, Asociate Professor, Purdue Univeristy, School of Chemical Engineering, West Lafayette, In
April 3 CANCELLEDEnergy from Biomass for Sustainable DevelopmentGerard Ostheimer, Science Advisor, USDA
10-AprStrategies fro the synthesis of supported oxides and immobilized molecular catalystJustin Notestein, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Center for Catalysis and Surface Science, Institute for Atom-Efficient Chemical Transformation (ACT)
 April 17 CancelledLignocellulosic carbon materials for adsorption of nitroaromatics and nitrosaminesDavid Rockstraw, Distinguished Achievement Professor and Academic Department Head, Department of Chemical Engineering, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
24-AprThermodynamics and kinetics of elementary reaction steps on late transition metal catalysts, and in their sinteringCharles T. Campbell, B. Seymour Rabinovitch Endowed Chair in Chemistry, Chemistry Department, University of Washington; Seattle
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug. 28Laboratory Safety (PDF)Trent Brown, University of Oklahoma
4-SepUsing Microfluidic systems for the visualizing and manipulation of multiphase fluids for oil recovery processesSibani Lisa Biswal, Associate Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rice University, Houston, TX
18-SepMolecular understanding, design and development of ultra low fouling zwitterionic-based functional materialsShaoyi Jiang, Boeing-Roundhill Professor of Chemical Engineering & Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
25-SepInterrogating buried solid-liquid catalytic interfaces with calorimetry: Examples from biomass conversion and catalyst synthesis
Robert Rioux, Friedrich G. Helfferich Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
2-OctControlling controlled release to make medicine that imitates life.Steven Little, Associate Professor and CNG Faculty Fellow, Chairman, Department of Chemical & Petroleum Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15261
9-OctFire safety in the lab and buildingsMr. Chase Abbot and Mr. Marco Grier, Fire Inspectors, Fire Marshall Office, Departments of Risk Management, Norman, OK
Oct. 30Correlating structure and function for nanoparticle catalystsGraeme Henkelman, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX
6-NovConverting Biomass to Chemicals:  Combining insights from Heterogeneous, Homogeneous and Enzyme CatalysisMichiel Dusselier, Postdoctoral researcher, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
13-NovMolecular design of selective multimodal protein separationsSteven M. Cramer, Professor and William Weightman Walker Professor of Polymer Engineering, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY
4-DecSynthesis and catalysis of isolated bimetallic sites for chemical transformations
Feng (Franklin) Tao, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Jan 15Engineering Molecular Transformations over supported catalysts for sustainable energy conversionMatthew Neurock, University of Minnesota as of Fall 2014
Jan 22Formulation engineering: from molecular interactions to product performanceEdgar Acosta,  Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Jan 29Active sites in heterogeneous catalysis: from single atoms to clustersFabio H. Ribeiro, R. Norris and Eleanor Shreve Professor of Chemical Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Feb 3Packing Polyhedra: From Ancient Math to Advanced MaterialsDaphne Klotsa, Chemistry, Cambridge University, Cambridge UK
Feb 5Intermolecular Interactions in colloidal graphene dispersionsMicah Green,
Texas A&M, Artie McFerrin Dept of Chemical Engineering, College Station as of Fall 2014
Feb 10Hydrogen electrocatalysis: from mechanistic study to advanced material developmentWenchao Sheng, Columbia University, Dept of Chemical Engineering , New York, New York

Feb 12

Harry Fair Lecturer

Biomaterials for tissue engineeringAntonios G. Mikos,Louis Calder Professor of Bioengineering and Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Director of John W. Cox Laboratory of Biomedical Engineering, Director of Center for Excellence in Tissue Engineering, Department of Bioengineering, Rice University, Houston, TX
Feb 19Oxidative and initiated chemical vapor deposition for conformal and clean polymer coatingsSiamak Nejati, Chemical and Enfironmental Engineering, Yale University
Feb 26Nanostructure characterization of organic photovoltaicsFeng Liu, Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
March 12Mathematical modeling of pharmaceuticals: Predictive design for better medicinesAshlee Ford Versypt,
Assistant Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
April 2A Molecular Approach to the Design of Earth-Abundant Hydrodeoxygenation CatalystsYuriy Roman, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139
Apr 9Applications of the ReaxFF force field for identifying reactive properties for complex materials and interfacesAdri van Duin,
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park PA
Apr 23Expression-targeted gene delivery as applied to cancerW. Terrance Godbey,
Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Lindy Boggs Center for Energy and Biotechnology, New Orleans, LA 70118
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug. 27 
Welcome for all Graduate Students and Faculty research presentations for new graduate students
Dr. Brian Grady, Director Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
Sept 10

Safety Training

Trent Brown, OU Laboratory Safety Officer, Risk Management  
Sept 17 The Future of Innovation and Work
Brian Rovelli, Oilfield Sciences Program Manager, GE Global Research  
Sept 24Non-isothermal reaction kinetics and operando spectroscopies reveal the inherently dynamic behavior of catalystsSusannah Scott, Mellichamp Professor Dept of Chemical Engineering, University of Calafornia, Santa Barbara
Oct 1
Knowledge-Based Development of Catalytic ProcessesYanhui Yang, Associate Professor, School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Oct 15Engineering Cellular MicroenvironmentsElizabeth Dirk, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of New Mexico
Oct. 22Nanoporous materials for electrochemical systemsJiao Feng, Assistant Provessor, Department of Deleware
Oct. 29Metal-Organic Frameworks as Tunable Platforms for Chemical Separations and CatalysisRandall Snurr, John G. Searle Professor, Dept of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Northwestern University
Nov 19

Computational Investigations of Turbulent blood flow and hemolysis in biomedical devices by Mesude Ozturk.

Conversion of model bio-oil compounds over metal oxides and supported metal catalysts by Taiwo Omotoso.

Graduate student presentations

Dec 3


Translating molecular bioengineering from the lab to the patientAshutosh Chilkoti, Theo Pilkington Professor and the Chair Dept of Biomedical Engineering Duke University
Dec 8
Material design... from molecular structure to engineering functionDr. Keisha Walters,
Associate Professor, Mississippi State University
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Feb 18
Harry G Fair Lecturer
Effects of Chemical Heterogenity on Hydrophobic InteractionsNicholas Abbott, John T. and Magdalen L. Sobota Professor, Hilldale Professor, Dept of Chemical & Biological Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Feb 25The Micromechanics of Shear Thickening Fluids and Their Applications as Field-Responsive Protective Materials and Shielding for Spacecraft and AstronautsNorman Wagner, Robert L. Pigford Chaired Professor, Dept of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Delaware
Mar 24Biomass and Natural Gas Valorization by Zeolite CatalysisRaul Lobo, Claire D. LeClaire Professor, Dept of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, University of Delaware
Mar 31A Molecular Level Insight into Thermodynamic, Transport and Structural Properties of Room Temperature Ionic Liquid MixturesJindal Shah, Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University

Apr 28


An atomic-scale view of surface chemistry, molecular motors and radioactive thin filmsCharlie Sykes, Professor, Dept of Chemistry, Tufts University
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug. 25 
Welcome for all Graduate Students and Faculty research presentations for new graduate students
Dr. Brian Grady, Director Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
Sept 8OU lab Safety Training Dave Clark
OU Safety Officer
Sept 22Developing and elementary, Universal description of Ketone hydrogenationkinetics in condensed mediaJesse Bond
Syracuse University
College of Engineering and Computer Science

Sept 29Toward a distributed renewable electrochemical energy and Mobility system (DREEMS): Polymerelectrolytes andelectrocatalysisYushan Yan
University of Delaware
Dept of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Oct 13Refining OverviewMerl Lindstrom, Phillips 66
Oct 20Dr. Nicholas Briggs - Carbon Nanotubes as Catalyst supports in Byphastic SystemsDr. Quoc T. Nguyen - Flow-Induced separation in wall turbulence
Oct 27Probing dynamic interfacial mechanisms that govern behavior in liquid/liquid and gas/liquid systems.Dr. Clint Aichele, Assistant Professor, Harold Courson Faculty Fellow of Petroleum Engineering, Oklahoma State University
Nov 3Designing Heterogeneous Catalystas for the Selective Conversion of Biomass in the Liquid PhaseJean-Philippe Tesssonnier
Iowa State University
Biorenewable Research Laboratory
Nov 10Polyelectrolyte complexes - synthesis, characterization and uses in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industryDavid Scheuing, The Clorox Company
Research Director, Cleaning Division, Research and Development

Dec 1Structure-Property- Performance Relationships in Polymer Membrane SystemsDouglas Kalika
University of Kentucky
Chemical and Materials Engineering
________Seminar Brochure 
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug. 22 
Welcome for all Graduate Students and Faculty research presentations for new graduate students
Dr. Brian Grady, Director Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
Aug 29OU lab Safety Training Dave Clark
OU Safety Officer
Sept 26Inorganic Membranes for Energy and Environmental SystemsSeol-Jhin Kim
Oklahoma State University
Oct 3Deciphering surface mediated thermo- and electro- catalytic reactions with in-situ spectroscopies Bingjun Xu
University of Delaware
Oct 17

“Thoretical, experimental, and predictive models for ion removal in electrodialysis and electrodialysis reversal”

“Enhanced activity of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using hydrophobic catalytst in oil/water reaction systems”

Leila Karimi
Postdoctorial Research Associate

Felipe Anaya Saltarin
Doctoral Graduate Student

Oct 24Enhanced bioplastics production through genomicsMichael G. Benton
Lousiana State University
Nov 7Surfactant Science in the Consumer Products IndustryDr. George Smith
Nov 14From Fundamentals to Refinery OptimizationDr. Tushar Choudhary
Phillips 66
Nov 28Modeling Fluid Flow In Induced Fractures In Shale By The Latice Boltzmann Method

Dr. Randy Hazlett

University of Tulsa

DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug. 21Welcome for all Graduate Students Dr. Brian Grady, Director Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
Sept 4OU lab Safety Training Dave Clark
OU Safety Officer
Sept 11Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing at Surfaces with Nanostructured TopologyDr. Andrew C. Hillier
Department Chair
Iowa State University
Sept 25Computational Design of Organic Catalysts and PhotocatalysisDr. Charles Musgrave
Department Chair
University of Colorado
Oct 2 CancelledBioprivileged Molecules: A Strategy For Next Generation Chemical ProductsDr. Brent H. Shanks
Iowa State University
Oct 9Fluid Dynamics in the BrainDr. William Olbricht
Cornell University
Oct 16Development of the New Mexico State University Brewery Engineering program of study in Chemical Engineering (NMSBrew)Dr. David Rockstraw
Department Chair
New Mexico State University
Oct 23Industrial Research in Refining Catalysis at Phillips 66Dr Byron Johnson
Senior Principal Engineer
Phillips 66
Bartlesville, OK 
Oct 26Reaction Density Functional Theory and Its Application to Reactions in Aqueous SolutionDr. Shuangliang Zhao
East China University of Science and Technology
Nov. 6Separating Trivalent Lanthanides: Enabling Nuclear Fuel Cycle or Recovery of Valuable Critical Materials?Dr. Bruce Moyer
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Nov 13Surfactant innovation in Laundry ProductsDr. Patrick Stenger
Research & Development Senior Scientist
Proctor & Gamble
Nov 20Multiscale Image-Based simulation of transient PDGF-BB gradient explains how fibroblasts affect each other's directional decisions during ChemotaxisDr. Roman Voronov
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Nov 27Responsive and reconfigurable endoskeletal emulsionsDr. Eric M. Furst
Department Chair
University of Delaware
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Feb 26The Live and Death of Catalysts for Lignin ConversionDr. Carsten Sievers
Associate Professor
Georgia Tech University
Mar 5Nano-Structured Metal Catalysts for High-Temperature ApplicationsDr. John M. Vohs
Department Chair
University of Pennsylania
Mar 12Spacers for Spiral Wound ModulesDr. G. Glenn Lipscomb
Department Chair
University of Toledo
Mar 26Physical and Chemical Approaches for Enhancing Optical BiosensorsDr. Qiuming Yu
University of Washington
Apr 9Nanoparticle Heating for Therapeutics, Regenerative Medicine and DiagnosticsDr. John Bischof
University of Minnesota
Institute for Engineering in Medicine
Apr 16Brine-Crude Oil Interfacial Dynamics:
Asphaltenes, Naphthenic Acids and Brine Salinity
Dr. Vladimir Alvarado
Department Head
University of Wyoming
Apr 23
Harry Fair Lecturer

Polyelectrolytes in Multi- Valent Ionic Media: New Physics and New Materials
Dr. Matthew Tirrell
Director, Professor and Dean of the Faculty
Institute for Molecular Engineering
University of Chicago
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug. 20Welcome for all Graduate Students Dr. Brian Grady, Director Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
Aug 27OU lab Safety Training Dave Clark
OU Safety Officer
Sept 17 C-C Cross-Coupling Reactions using Earth-Abundant Cooper-Based NanocatalystsDr. Mari Andiappan
Oklahoma State University
Sept 24The Catalytic Science of Making Up and Breaking Up NitrogenDr. Bill Schneider
University of Notre Dame
Oct 1Molecular Structures of Polymer and Biological Molecules at Buried InterfacesDr. Zhan Chen
University of Michigan
Oct 22Nanomaterials for Morphogen Delivery in Skeletal Tissue RegenerationDr. Esmaiel Jabbari
University of South Carolina
Oct 29   
Nov 5Modification of a Bentonite Clay with the Ionic Liquid 1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium EthylsulfateDr Steven T. ("Sam") Adamy
Church & Dwight
Nov 19 Membranes in Bioprocessing - New Developments and InsightsDr. Andrew Zydney
Pennsylvania State University
DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Feb 25Stratification in Colloidal FilmsDr. Surita Bhatia
Stony Brook University
Mar 3Decarbonizing Natural Gas by Reactive Separation on High Temperature LiquidsDr. Eric Mcfarland
University of California, Santa Barbara
Mar 24
Harry Fair

Cancelled due to COVID 19

Membranes as Change Agents in Upstream and Downstream Natural Gas Processing

Dr. Bill Koros
Georgia Institute of Technology
Mar 31Cancelled due to COVID19Dr. Charles Schroeder
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Apr 7Cancelled due to COVID19Dr. Carlos Rinaldi
University of Florida
April 13Cancelled due to COVID19Dr. Suljo Linic

DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
 Cancelled due to Covid 

Cancelled Due to COVID

Cancelled due to COVID

DateTitle and AbstractSpeaker
Aug 23Welcome for Graduate Students Dr. Dimitrios Papavassiliou, Director Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering
Aug 30CBME Faculty Research Presentations-
Sept 6OU Lab Safety Training Dave Clark
OU Safety Officer
Sept 13Geofluid Phase Behaviors and Flow in Shale Kerogen for Geological CO2Storage and Hydrocarbon RecoveryZhehui Jin
University of Alberta
Sept 20Polyelectrolyte Complex Hydrogel Scaffoldings for Bioadhesion and 3D BioprintingSamanvaya Srivastava
Sept 27Development of Low-cost Liquid-infused Polymer Materials for CO2 Capture Matthew Myers
Oct 4Understanding and Controlling Surface Adsorption from the Ground Up:  A Quantum Mechanical Approach to Renewable Energy and Environmental Remediation Materials DesignChristopher Muhich
Arizona State University
Oct 11Electrochemistry of Low Temperature Fuel Cells: From Kinetics and Spectroscopy to New MaterialsSuljo Linic
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Oct 18Designing and Interrogating Atomically Dispersed Precious Metal CatalystsPhilip Christopher
University of California at Santa Barbara
Oct 25Adhesion: Soft, Wet, and StickyJoelle Frechette
University of California at Berkeley
Nov 1
Surfactant Applications: How a Ph.D. (Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering)can be applied to a career in Industry Julian Barnes
Shell Chemicals
Nov 8Hierarchically Functional Polymers with Engineered Microporosity for Gas Separation MembranesRuilan Guo
Notre Dame
Nov 15No Seminar - AIChE Conference-
Nov 22Dynamic Phenomena During Drop Formation and Coalescence In the Presence of SurfactantsDr. Panagiota Angeli, University College London
Nov 29Structural and Chemical Disorder Towards Advanced MaterialsHorst Hahn, CBME
Dec 6No Seminar - Dead Week-
Dec 13No Seminar - Finals Week-