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Fair Memorial Seminar

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Harry G. Fair Memorial Lectures

Each year, a special lecture is given in memory of Harry G. Fair, an outstanding OU alumnus. Harry G. Fair was born in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, on June 3, 1916. He received his B. S. in Chemical Engineering in 1939. He joined Phillips Petroleum Company in 1939 and worked his way up to Vice President for Supply and Transportation, with responsibility for world-wide exchange of crude oil and all transportation facilities. In 1966, he joined the M.W. Kellogg Company as Executive Vice President, in charge of all engineering activities and became Executive Vice President of Coastal States Gas Corporation from 1971 until the time of his death on July 27, 1974. Harry G. Fair was active in service to society and to his alma mater. He was a member of a number of professional societies and was a licensed professional engineer.

This lecture is made possible by the Harry G. Fair Memorial Fund contributed by his widow, Jane Swift Fair. Arrangements are made by the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering.

Harry G Fair

Memorial Lecturers

 YearName and AnnouncementFrom
1st1975Stanley Learned (PDF)
Phillips Petroleum Co.
2nd1976Harry L. Blomquist, Jr (PDF)
Coastal States Gas Co
3rd1977Laurance S. Reid (PDF)
Ball-Reid Engineers Inc.
4th1978Raymond W. Lowe (PDF)
E.I. DuPont de Nemours
5th1979Charles R. Perry (PDF)
Perry Gas Companies
6th1980A. B. Slaybaugh (PDF)
Conoco Inc.
7th1981Robert S. Purgason (PDF)
Perry Gas Processors
8th1982Lynn T. Reed (PDF)
Warren Petroleum Co
9th1983B. H. Sellers (PDF)
Sellers Chemical Co.
10th1984Richard G Askew (PDF)
Phillips Chemical Co
11th1985John M  Campbell (PDF)
John M. Campbell & co
12th1986Stuart W. Churchill (PDF)
University of Pennsylvania
13th1987Eli Ruckenstein (PDF)
SUNY Bufffalo
14th1988C. Judson King (PDF)
University of California Berkeley
15th1989James Wei (PDF)
M.I. T
16th1990George A. Samara (PDF)
Sandia National Labs
17th1991E.N. Lightfoot (PDF)
University of Wisconsin
18th1992Dan Luss (PDF)
University of Houston
19th1993Larry V. McIntire (PDF)
Rice University
20th1994Christopher W. Macosko (PDF)
University of Minnesota
21st1995Gary L. Haller (PDF)
Yale University
22nd1996Scott H. Fogle (PDF)
University of Michigan
23rd1997Keith E. Gubbins (PDF)
North Carolina State University
24th1998Stuart L. Cooper (PDF)
Ohio State University
25th1999George Stephanopoulous (PDF)
M.I. T
26th2000Enrique Iglesia (PDF)
Univ of California Berkeley
27th2001Ralph T. Yang (PDF)
Univ of Michigan
28th2002Richard C. Alkire (PDF)
Univ of Illinois
29th2003Nicholas A. Peppas (PDF)
Univ of Texas-Austin
30th2004Robert C. Armstrong (PDF)
Massachusetts Inst of Tech
31st2005James A. Dumesic (PDF)
Univ of Wisconsin-Madison
32nd2006George Georgiou (PDF)
Univ of Texas at Austin
33rd2007John M Prausnitz (PDF)
Univ of Calif Berkeley
34th2008David J. Mooney (PDF)
35th2009Donald R. Paul (PDF)
Univ of Texas Austin
36th2010Juan J. de Pablo (PDF)
Univ of Wisconsin Madison
Peter C. Stair (PDF)
Northwestern University
38th2012Charles Zukoski (PDF)
Univ of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
39th2013Alexis T. Bell (PDF)
Univ of Calif Berkeley
40th2014Mark Davis (PDF)California Institute of Technology
41st2015Antonios G Mikos (PDF)Rice University
42nd2016Nicholas L. Abbott (PDF)University of Wisconsin
43rd 2017Philippe Sautet (PDF)University of California