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Directions to CBME

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Sarkeys Energy Center entrance to CBME RM T301 on South West or Campus side.  Come up the stairs and we are just inside.

Sarkeys Energy Center entrance to CBME RM T301 on the South East side by shipping dock. Come up the stairs and down the hall to the West end.

Directions to CBME

Sarkeys Energy Center, Room T-301
100 E. Boyd
Norman, OK 73019 -1004 USA

Use these directions with the google directions:

Take the terminal drive north out of the airport. This becomes Meridian Ave. take this to Airport Road. Take Airport Road east for a little over a mile and stay right to merge onto I44 South. Move to the left lanes as this becomes I-240 and bends east until the exit right for I35 South.

Link to Will Rogers World Airport (Oklahoma City) to check flight status.

Leaving the airport, go north on Meridian Avenue about 1 mile, to S.W. 54th. Turn east (right) on S.W. 54th and travel east about 2 miles (to a point just before the I-44 overpass). Turn right onto the entrance ramp “I-44-S” and move immediately to the center lane; look for signs to “Dallas I-35-S”. I-44 merges into Oklahoma City’s Southwest Expressway, I-240-E, which will take you to I-35-S. Norman is about 17 miles south on I-35. Directions from I-35 are below.

From I-35 to CBME

The school is located in Sarkeys Energy Center, the red brick tower portion of which is visible from the highway, from I-35. Take the Main Street Downtown exit, East. Follow Main Street for 2.2 miles to University Boulevard and turn right (south). Continue on University Boulevard and move to the left lane. At Boyd Street (first stop light) turn left (east) and move to the right lane. Three blocks east is the Sarkeys Energy Center. Go past the Jenkins Avenue light and just past the building and turn right (south) on Trout Ave. The parking lots for visitors are located along this block. The entrance gate to the lot adjacent to the east of the building is to the right. The lot adjacent to the building has a parking gate. Push the button on the gate and tell them you are a visitor to Chemical Engineering and they will lift the gate. Find a regular parking place, not a visitor’s space (unless all regular spaces are full). You will see the tower, the base portion of the building, and a one-story section rising above the base area at the south end of the plaza. Our offices are located in this one-story section of the building. To reach our offices walk to the loading dock near the southeast corner of the base portion of the building. At the loading dock you will see a set of steps leading up to the plaza. Our main office is located at the top of these steps and all the way down the side walk to the double doors and inside to room T-301. We can give you a temporary parking permit to place on your car in the lot. If this lot is full, the lot across the street is available for visitor parking with a permit.

From I-35 to the Montford Inn

From I-35 take the Main Street Downtown exit, East. Follow Main Street for 2.2 miles to University Boulevard and turn left (north). Go two blocks to Tonhawa and turn right (east). The Montford Inn [(405)-321-2200] is on your right.

Visitors who are not guests of the department can park in the visitor parking spaces at the north end of the parking lot east of Sarkeys Energy Center. Also, there is a parking garage for visitors about one block to the west, north of the Oklahoma Memorial Union. To reach the Oklahoma Memorial Union Parking Facility, drive back to Boyd Street and go west to Asp Avenue and turn left (south). The parking facility is on the right.