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CBME Endowments

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CBME Endowments

Individual, family, foundation and corporate endowments provide a solid core of private support from which we can attract the best and brightest students from around the nation. Endowments also help us build faculty and research capabilities of national and international reputation.

The presence of outstanding students and faculty in the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering is a major attraction for our corporate partners, and it brings a tremendous amount of state, regional and national recognition. We are proud to have a significant foundation of endowments and look forward to continued success in the future.


  • Douglas and Hilda Bourne Chair
  • Asahi Glass Chair
  • Francis W. Winn Chair


  • Conoco-Du Pont Professorship
  • C. M. Sliepcevich Professorship
  • Sam A. Wilson Professorship
  • Francis W. Winn Professorship
  • CBME Energy Fund
  • Richard G. Askew
  • CBME Faculty
  • Rick Clawson Memorial
  • Ray and Libby Daniels
  • J. D. Holbird
  • R.L. "Doc" Huntington Memorial
  • Kathleen Lorengo-Sultan Memorial
  • Mr. and Mrs. Spencer N. Knapp
  • Pipkin Family
  • Omer A. and Marjorie M. Pipkin
  • Laurance S. "Bud" Reid Memorial
  • Laurance S. Reid Memorial
  • Mark Townsend
  • Jerrikaye Savage
  • Couch Family
  • Susan K Mallinson
  • Phillip J Doerpinghaus
  • David & Christina Kendrick
  • Mildred Phillips Kerr
  • Susan & Steve Raybourn Leadership
  • Robert Dye / Apache
  • Haley Miles Finkelman
  • Robert & Cynthia
  • John Campbell
  • Gwen Campbell
  • Omer Kircher
  • Al Clark Chemical Engineering Prize
  • Freda M. Guild
  • Harry Grant Fair Memorial
  • Richard Lee and Ruth Huntington Memorial