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Native Americans in Engineering

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Native Americans in Engineering

Dr. Crossley serves as a faculty advisor to OU's American Indian Science and Engineering Society. As a registered Cherokee, he is passionate about providing opportunities for future generations of promising Native American Scientists and Engineers to become leaders. OU was a founding organization of AISES in 1977, and was awarded the chapter of the year in 2015. Find out more about this outstanding organization and student chapter here

The University of Oklahoma is perpetually among the top universities in the world in terms of undergraduate Native American engineering students enrolled. Native Americans make up approximately 2% of the US population, but receive only around 0.4% of B.S. degrees in engineering and 0.2% of advanced M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering. The bright Native American students at the University of Oklahoma are leading the way to become future leaders in their communities and the world. I am very fortunate to be involved in this great organization that is driven by such highly motivated students. 

AISES nationals 2017
AISES Nationals 2017b
AISES nationals 2015