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Aaron Henley

Aaron Henley

FH 212A | (405) 325-2322
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Aaron is from Lawton, Oklahoma. He graduated from OU in 2007 with a BA in Religious Studies. He joined AME in 2021 and enjoys the friendliness and dedication of the AME faculty, staff and students. In his free time, Aaron enjoys watching his three sons various sporting events, reading and cooking for family and friends.



Samarpita Ghosh

Samarpita Ghosh

FH 212 | (405) 325-5013
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Samarpita is from Kolkata, India. She graduated from Himachal Pradesh University in 2012 with a BA in English. She joined AME in 2021. She loves meeting new people and enjoys working with students, staffs, and AME faculty members. In her free time, Samarpita experiments with new cuisines, painting and playing with her daughter. She is also passionate about traveling the world.

David Madison

David Madison

FH 212 | (405) 325-1744
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David is from Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently a student at Cameron University studying Computer Science. He joined AME in 2023. He loves meeting new people and enjoys working with students, staff, and AME faculty members. In his free time, David is either sleeping or playing Apex Legends.

Shop Personnel

Billy Mays

FH 137 | (405) 325-4337
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Billy Mays is from Springfield, Missouri. He has worked at OU and AME for 18 years. Mr. Mays has a background in engineering, machine shop, and welding, which makes him the perfect fit as the AME Shop Supervisor. The people and the creativity at AME is what Billy enjoys most. Outside of AME, Mr. Mays enjoys working outdoors, wood working, metal working, and fabrication.

Greg Williams

FH 136 | (405) 325-4337
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Greg Williams is from Oklahoma City. He has worked at OU and AME for 17 years. Mr. Williams enjoys working with the people at AME as well as the flexibility and variety in his position as a Machinist in the AME Shop. Outside of AME, Mr. Williams enjoys spending time outdoors.