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Robert Rucker

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Robert Rucker

M.S. Candidate, Mechanical Engineering


B.S., University of Oklahoma, Mechanical Engineering, 2008

Associates Applied Technology, OKCCC


Currently investigating analytical fluid mechanics and computational fluid dynamics for the purpose of a specific problem.

National Merit Scholar

Secretary of ASME Central Oklahoma Section

Spring 2019

My academic choices are of projects and courses that will serve my engineering career.  My career preferences are most influenced by my interest in defense issues and my ties to the Oklahoma City professional community.


"Engineering is partly the selection of useful models from the set of wrong models.  For the value of wrong that means not perfectly correct.  Perfectly correct models are impossible for humans to use or fit to reality.

How do I create the tools that produce a not-perfectly-correct model?  My graduate work here has helped me start really learning how.  How do I evaluate how useful a model is?  AME has helped my skill grow.

As an undergraduate I didn’t look past the curriculum for more lessons.  I am now.  This year has been very fruitful for learning."


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