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BBDL Members

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Graduate Students

Devin Laurence

Devin Laurence is a mechanical engineering Ph.D. student in the BBDL at the University of Oklahoma. His research involves integrating computational and experimental methods for understanding the tricuspid heart valve function. After completing his Ph.D., Devin plans to pursue a post-doctoral position and eventually become a faculty member with an emphasis in cardiovascular biomechanics. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with Bob, his new kitten.

Sergio Pineda Castillo

Sergio Pineda is a Ph.D. student with experience in tissue engineering research and data management for oncology clinical trials. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at Universidad Manuela Beltrán (Bogotá, Colombia). Sergio seeks to perform translational research in tissue engineering and wants to pursue a career in industry, focused on addressing critical medical needs. In his free time, Sergio enjoys reading, playing the guitar and practicing tennis.

Colton Ross

Colton Ross is a Ph.D. student studying mechanical engineering. In the BBDL, Colton’s undergraduate and M.S. research involved mechanical characterizations of the heart valve structures. During his Ph.D., Colton will work on studies to integrate the experimental findings from his M.S. research into heart valve simulations for potential applications in patient-specific medicine or therapeutic refinement. Upon completing his dissertation, Colton plans to pursue a career in a national laboratory, focusing on research and development projects with lasting societal impact. Outside of his coursework and the BBDL, Colton enjoys playing guitar or spending time with his friends and family.

Launy Ohanina

Launy Ohanina is pursuing her master’s degree in Engineering Physics at the University of Oklahoma as a double degree with her engineering school in France. She conducts research focused on the alignment of electrospun fibers for vascular tissue engineering applications. Launy enjoys reading, watching movies, TV series, and Broadway shows in her free time. She plans to graduate in May 2022 and work in the industry, either in America or in France.

Luke Whitney

Luke Whitney is pursuing his master’s degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Oklahoma. He conducts research under Dr. Chung-Hao Lee in the Biomechanics and Biomaterials Design Lab with a current focus in computer modeling of atrioventricular heart valves. He spent last summer researching this area at Iowa State University through a research internship. Luke enjoys reading in his free time. He plans to graduate in May 2020 and use his design and modeling experience in industry.

Catherine Vopat

Katie Vopat is a Biomedical Engineering master's student at the University of Oklahoma. Her research is focused on tissue engineered heart valves (TEHVs), and she plans to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering after graduation. In her free time, Katie enjoys travelling and spending time with friends. 

Undergraduate Students

Santiago Aparicio Ruiz

Michael Barber

Michael Barber is a sophomore studying biomedical engineering at the University of Oklahoma. He is part of the SMP 3D printing team, which focuses on designing devices for treatment of brain aneurysms. One of Michael’s interest is tissue engineering because he has a desire to discover new techniques and methods to medically help people physically and mentally. Later, he wants to obtain a master’s degree. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf.

Elizabeth Bradshaw

Elizabeth Bradshaw is a junior at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Biomedical Engineering. In the BBDL, she focuses on tissue engineering. After graduating with her Bachelor's, she plans on pursuing a Master's degree through the accelerated BS/MS program. Off campus, she likes to play guitar and clarinet, hike, and volunteer at the animal shelter. 

Madison Burns

Madison Burns is an undergraduate student in her senior year majoring in Biomedical Engineering and a minoring in Mathematics. Her research is focused on tissue engineering and electrospinning of synthetic blood vessels. Madison's goal is to one day work in industry for either quality or statistical/data analysis. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, and spending time with friends and family.

Eleana Cabello

Eleana Cabello is an undergraduate senior in the accelerated master’s degree program studying Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Computer Science. In the BBDL, her research focuses on improving and developing software for a polarized spatial frequency domain imaging system used to quantify the collagen fiber architecture of tissues. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and traveling.

Kaden DeCamp

Kaden DeCamp is an undergraduate junior studying Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics at the University of Oklahoma. In the BBDL, Kaden is member of the Constituent Degradation team, focusing on the mechanical characterization of the tricuspid heart valve and testing the microstructure properties within. He plans to obtain an accelerated Master’s in BME through the BS/MS program at OU with a focus in diabetic treatment. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé and their dog Odin and tutoring younger students through Mathnasium. 

Elizabeth Duncan

Elizabeth Duncan is a junior Biomedical Engineering major at the University of Oklahoma. In the BBDL, Elizabeth’s research is focused on studying the tricuspid valve of the heart and creating a way to use those findings in patient specific scenarios. Elizabeth plans on obtaining a master’s degree and one day working in industry. In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family.

Daniel Fitzpatrick

Daniel Fitzpatrick is a senior student studying mechanical engineering at the University of Oklahoma. His research focus in the BBDL is on the mechanical and microstructural properties of the mitral and tricuspid valves of the heart. In the future, Daniel plans on working toward his masters before pursuing a career in the engineering industry. In his free time, he enjoys going to church, reading, and spending time with friends.

Samantha Lane

Keely Laurence

Keely Laurence is a freshman studying biomedical engineering at the University of Oklahoma. While at college, she would like to be actively involved in research. Keely enjoys spending time with her friends, taking dance classes, and tending to her succulents during her free time. 

Caylin Nimmo

Caylin Nimmo is pursuing his bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering at the University of Oklahoma. His current research under Dr. Chung-Hao Lee focuses on the mechanical properties of decellularized heart valves. Caylin is a member of Engineering Club and Sooner Racing Team. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing and reading. Caylin plans on graduating in 2024 through OU's accelerated master's program and enter the space industry shortly thereafter.

Kevin Pham

Kevin Pham is an undergraduate mechanical engineering student in the Accelerated BS/MS program. His current research involvement includes the mechanical characterization and microstructure of the mitral valve, as well as understanding the change in properties of the tricuspid valve due to constituent degradation. He plans on completing his BS/MS before entering the mechanical engineering industry. On his own time, Kevin enjoys working with computers and watching sports.

Aubrey Lewellen

Aubrey Lewellen is an undergraduate student studying mechanical engineering. In the BBDL, Aubrey is a part of the Constituent Degradation team, which focuses on testing and understanding the microstructural and mechanical characterization of the tricuspid heart valve. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, she plans to obtain an accelerated master’s through the BS/MS program at OU or attend a Physician Assistant program. Outside of her studies, Aubrey is a member of the OU Rowing Team, Pi Beta Phi, and the Honors College.

Lab Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Anju Babu (Assistant Professor, National Institute of Technology Rourkela , 2017-2018 in BBDL)

Graduate Researchers

Ryan Bodlak (ME M.S. - Summer 2021)

Luke Hudson (ME M.S. - Spring 2021, now PhD student at Utah)

Colton Ross (ME M.S. - Spring 2020, now PhD student at BBDL)

Devin Laurence (ME M.S. - Spring 2019, now PhD student at BBDL)

Robert Kunkel (ME M.S. - Spring 2019, now at Sandia National Lab)

Samuel Jett (ME M.S. - Spring 2019, now at Modulated Imaging Inc.)

Undergraduate Researchers

Kamolchatr Euengthong, Chemical Engineering, Spring ’21 – Spring ’21

Joadel Genuzio, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’21 – Spring ’21

Katherine DeLaurentis, Chemical Engineering, Spring ’21 – Spring ’21

Robel Tesfaselassie, Biomedical Engineering, Spring ’21 – Spring ’21

Morgan H. Lau, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’20 – Spring ’21

Mulan Tang, Biomedical Engineering, Spring ’20 – Spring ’21

Deenna D. Doan, Biomedical Engineering, Spring ’20 – Spring ’21

Brennan T. Mullins, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’19 – Spring ’21

Scott Ritzmann, Chemical Engineering, Spring ’19 – Spring ’21

Catherine A. Vopat, Biomedical Engineering, Summer ’20 – Summer ’21

Allyson L. Echols, Electrical Engineering, Spring ’18 – Summer ’21

Katherine M. Casey, Biomedical Engineering, Spring ’19 – Summer ’21

Kevin T. Doe, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’20 – Summer ’21

Jackson A. Carr, Biomedical Engineering, Fall ’19 – Spring ’21

Hunter M. Lau, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’19 – Spring ’21

Seapehi Molise, Mechanical Engineering, Summer ’20 – Spring ’21 (Now PhD student at University of Calgary)

Tyler L. Goehler, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’20 – Spring ’21

Ryan J. Myers, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Fall ’20 – Spring ’21 (Now PhD student at Texas A&M)

Clare E. Hillshafer, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’20 – Fall ’20

Fisher N. Hailey, Chemical Engineering, Spring ’19 – Fall ’20

Kevin M. Fritz, Biomedical Engineering, Spring ’20 – Fall ’20

Blake A. Adams, Biology, Summer ’20 – Fall ’20

Matthew A. Welborn, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’20

Colson E. Berryhill, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’20

Peter C. Hardisty, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’20

Stalder L. Talley, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’20

Kayla M. Herrera, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’20

Stacey L. Green, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’20

Ky K. Morris, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’20

Aspen C. Bell, Biology & Astrophysics, Spring ’20

Karla Bonic, Mech. & Biomedical Engineering Interdisciplinary Capstone, Fall ’19 – Spring ’20

Kellen A. Stauder, Mech. & Biomedical Engineering Interdisciplinary Capstone, Fall ’19 – Spring ’20

Marwan Hashem, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’19 – Summer ’20

Jonathan Sinnett, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’19 – Spring ’20

Steven D. Trellis, Aerospace Engineering, Fall ’19 – Spring ’20

Jackson A. Carr, Biomedical Engineering, Fall ’19 – Spring ’20

Dylan S. Portillo, Chemical Engineering, Fall ’19 – Spring ’20

Payton M. Woolard, Biology, Spring ’19 – Spring ’20

Robert J. Beem, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’19

Luke T. Hudson, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’18 – Summer ’20

Grace A. Duginski, Biomedical Engineering, Fall ’18 – Summer ’20

Yung-Te (Daniel) Tsai, Aerospace Engineering, Fall ’18 – Spring ’19

Zach S. Smalling, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’18 & Spring ’20

Will S. Callaway, Mechanical Engineering, Summer ’18

Cortland H. Johns, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’18 – Summer ’20

Ryan Bodlak, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’18 & Spring ’19

Wyatt E. Maney, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’18 & Spring ’19

Luke C. Whitney, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’18 – Summer ’19

Ean G. Beyer, Biomedical Engineering, Spring ’18 – Fall ’18

Lauren E. Evans, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’18 – Spring ’19

Benjamin C. Hoelzel, Mechanical Engineering, Summer ’17 – Fall ’17

Blake A. Herren, Aerospace Engineering, Summer ’17 – Fall ’17

Colton J. Ross, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’17 – Summer ’19

Mark C. Means, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’17 – Spring ’18

Jacob Richardson, Chemical Engineering, Fall ’17 – Fall ’18

Zach V. Schuermann, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’17 – Fall ’18

Octavio Serrano, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’17 – Spring ’18

Keaton Q. Mullenix, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’18

Jonathan T. Henck, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’18

Joshua H. Scherrer, Mechanical Engineering, Fall ’17 – Spring ’18

Donnie O. Robinson, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’17 – Spring ’18

Matthew L. Solcher, Mechanical Engineering Capstone, Spring ’18

McKenzie E. Makovec, Chemical Engineering, Spring ’17 – Spring ’18

Katherine E. Kramer, Biomedical Engineering, Spring ’17 – Spring ’19

Orhan Roksa, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’17 – Fall 2018

Robert P. Kunkel, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’17 – Summer ’18

Samuel V. Jett, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’17 – Summer ’18

Devin W. Laurence, Mechanical Engineering, Spring ’17 – Summer ’18

Visiting Students

Ms. Fan Yang, Visiting Student from Central South University, China – Mentor/Supervisor (November 2019 – June 2020)

Mr. Chia-Lun Chao, Visiting Student from National Taiwan University, Taiwan – Supervisor (August 2018 – February 2019)