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All graduate degrees offered by the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering include specific mathematical or math/science course requirements. The Master’s program requires a minimum of three credit hours of mathematical content courses, with a recommended three hours from the Department of Mathematics. Doctoral programs require a minimum of six credit hours taken in mathematics or science topics.Specific courses shall be chosen within the following general guidelines, and with the advice and approval, as appropriate, of the student’s major professor,doctoral advisory committee, and the Graduate Liaison.


These courses emphasize the identification and solution of applications-oriented problems and models. They are designed for math-users and will beneficially contribute to most programs of graduate study in engineering.

MATH G4033 Applied Matrix Models
MATH G4073 Numerical Analysis I
MATH G4083 Numerical Analysis II
MATH G4103 Intro to Functions of a Complex Variable
MATH G4163 Intro to Partial Differential Equations
MATH G4413 Intermediate Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH G4733 Mathematical Theory of Probability
MATH G4753 Applied Statistical Methods
MATH G5743 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
MATH G5773 Applied Regression Analysis

It is the responsibility of each student to verify current MATH prerequisites(or alternative background acceptable to the course teacher) at the time of enrollment.

This group includes more advanced mathematically oriented topics as well as introductory graduate courses that emphasize math theory. These latter courses may constitute a preferred sequence for graduate students who expect to under take advanced work in applied mathematics and computational techniques or to elect a substantial number of 5000 and 6000 level MATH courses.

MATH G4323 Intro to Abstract Algebra I
MATH G4433 Intro to Analysis I
MATH G5163 Partial Differential Equations
MATH G5173 Advanced Numerical Analysis I
MATH G5183 Advanced Numerical Analysis II
MATH G5383 Applied Modern Algebra
MATH G5403 Calculus of Variations
MATH G5423 Complex Analysis I
MATH G5743 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
MATH G5763 Introduction to Stochastic Processes

Other graduate level courses from the Department of Mathematics with content and level that will make an appropriate, beneficial contribution to the students total program of study. Courses must be approved in advance by the AME Graduate Liaison.

Taught within the College of Engineering these courses may be used to fulfill a part of these mathematical requirements.Currently approved courses include:

AME G5573 Advanced Engineering Analysis I
AME G5583 Advanced Engineering Analysis II
I E G5643 Engineering Optimization

Generally chosen from approved graduate credit courses these courses areoffered in the physical science departments. Courses offered in the College ofEngineering that focus predominantly on science rather than on applied scienceand engineering may also be approved for these scientific electives; forexample, CH E 5453 Polymer Science, CH E 5673 Colloid and Surface Science, etc.The science electives should be approved by the doctoral advisory committee.