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About AME Research

The School's laboratories are primarily located in Felgar Hall and the Engineering Research Center on North Campus. Specialized laboratories have been developed for combustion and propulsion, composite materials and structures, dynamics and control, stress analysis and mechanical behavior of materials, fatigue, fluid flow and heat transfer, aerodynamics, laser velocimetry and fluid measurements, nondestructive evaluation techniques, thermal imaging, and radiative heat transfer.

Building Key

Felgar Hall = FH
North Campus = NC
Engineering Lab = EL
L.A. Comp Wind Tunnel = WT
Stephenson Research and Technology Center=SRTC


• Aerospace Vehicle Design (AVD) Lab - FH 315
• Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab - FH 146
• Dynamics and Controls Lab - FH 129
• FEM Structural Optimization, MDO & Aeroelasticity - FH 305
• Heat Transfer & Fluid Mechanics Lab - FH 101
• Internal Combustion (IC) Lab - FH 153
• Robotics Lab - FH 129
• Solid Mechanics Lab - FH 101
Wind Tunnel Lab


• Autonomous Decision and Control Labortatory (Dr. Sun)
• Biomechanics & Biomaterials Design Laboratory (Dr. Lee) FH 123
• Biomedical Engineering Lab (Dr. Gan) , Unit 1125, SRTC
• Building Energy Efficiency Laboratory (Dr. Song)
Combustion and Flame Dynamics Lab (Dr. Merchan-Merchan) EL 8
Composites Research Group (Dr. Altan) FH 144
• Concurrent Design and Manufacturing Research Laboratory (Dr. Chang) FH 215
• Dynamic Structures Sensing and Control Center (Dr. Baldwin) FH 117
• Energy and Thermal Systems Lab (Dr. Garg)
• Fluid Mechanics Lab (Dr. Parthasarathy) FH 127
Heat Transfer Lab (Dr. Lai) FH 128
• Hybrid Composites Lab (Dr. Saha) FH 315
• Materials Characterization Lab (Dr. Baldwin) FH 133
• MEMS Research Lab (Dr. Stalford) FH 318
• Multiphase Heat Transfer Lab (Dr. Shabgard)
Product & Process Design Lab (Dr. Siddique) FH 147
• Smart Materials and Intelligent System Lab (Dr. Liu) FH 127
• Structural Durability Lab (Dr. Baldwin) FH 116
• Systems Realization Laboratory (Drs. Allen and Mistree) Carson 218
• Vehicle Vibration Test Center (Dr. Baldwin) NC 318