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Capstone Projects

Mechanical Engineering - 2021

3D Ice Sculpture Printer

Nathan Grandstaff, Hutch Helbig, Daniel Henry, Kade Mendiola 

3D Food Printer

Kiwon Kang, Dylan Lloyd, David Mattax, Tai Nguyen 

Semi Trailer Redesign

Chris Letson, Alex Cole, John Perry, Cory Jones

Autoclave Bonding Table Redesign

Jake Reynolds, Adam Kantner, Tyler Goehler, Patrick Castleberry 

Elastic Cutting Puck Redesign

Christian Guzman, Sam Williams, Caleb Bo 

Improving and Redesigning Waste Collection Vacuum System in the Child-Care Department

Sierra Seale, Asia Grove, Paxton Leaf, Sifiso Mbhokazi 

Designing and Manufacturing a CVT for the Sooner Off-Road Team

Matthew Llano, Ben Basden, Shane Wyatt 

Sooner Racing Team: 2022 Chassis Design

Jaron Carvel, Preston Godinich, Duncan Hilton, Seth Long 

Automated Battery Coolant Leak Tester

Jackson Cejda, Trey Masri, Stephanie Sheldon, Tehya Stumblingbear

Interdisciplinary F107-WR-101 Fuel Control Unit Redesign

Patrick Chevis, Harrison Dunlap, Corbin Joel Milchesky, Fernando Soto

Pressure Chamber With Fast Unloading Mechanism

Ishmael Adotey, Edgar Tita, Olivier Bebine, Narcisse Ngole 

Axially Loaded Pressure Seal Tester

Austin Chan, Sarah Ciccaglione, Mark McCoy 

Energy Model Analysis for Building Efficiency Improvements

Bryce Barker, Hunter Hodges, Nathan Woo 


Mohit Asnani, Andrew Cawley, Hasan Obaias 

Design of a Drone-Mounted Sampling Device for Collection of Aerosol Soot Particulates

Yang Xu, Aaron Craig, Dillon Baker 

The inflation-Uniaxial Tester

Kevin Doe, Hunter Lau, Seapehi Molise, Ryan Myers 

Modular Avionics Rack Design

Noah Boeckman, Jordan Givens, George Huang, Bryce Kanon 

Signal Coil Technology Improvement

Timothy Braddy, Eric Chavez, Adrian Lopez, James Hardiman 

Multi-Axial Load Testing on V-Clamp Adapters

Preston Johnson, Scott King, Caleb Nettles, John Pham 

The Science of Gymnastics

Ian Blake, Lauren Evans, Taylor Groves, Brian Nguyen 

Next Generation of Metal-to-Metal Seals

Katie Hastings, Will Callaway, Nick Romeo, Martin Elder

Selective Laser Sintering 3D Printer

Travis Amstutz, Hannah Reiners, DongFang Zhao 

Binder-Jetting Based 3D Printing of Ceramics

Nick Koelsch, Grayson Ware, Alex Varner, Stuart Miller 

Arcosa Dry Powder Mixer- Drive Assembly Redesign

Paige Hobart, Iain Kennedy, Brian Strub

Project PneuPAW

Paige Hobart, Iain Kennedy, Brian Strub