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Engineering Team Rooms

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Devon Energy Hall Team Rooms

The team rooms available in Devon Energy Hall are collaborative spaces where students can work together on projects, study sessions, or team meetings. There are three different types of team rooms:

Small Team Rooms: The small team rooms hold approximately 3-6 people and come equipped with tables, chairs, and a white board.

Large Team Rooms: The large team rooms hold approximately 8-12 people and come equipped with tables, chairs, a white board, and a plasma with a laptop connection.

Forum Rooms: The forum rooms hold 20 or more people and come equipped with multiple tables, chairs, separated seating areas, a projector, two plasmas, and a phone for making local calls.

Team rooms in Devon are available for reservation by any College of Engineering or College of Earth and Energy student, faculty, or staff. There are several ways to reserve each type of room.

Large and small team rooms are accessible 24 hours a day.
Small team rooms remain unlocked and large team rooms are accessible via card swipe.

Reserve Now: Large team rooms and forum rooms can be reserved for immediate use at the room scheduler located outside the door. Simply click on the "Reserve Now" button on the bottom of the screen to reserve any unoccupied room for up to 2 hours. The reservation begins immediately and will be limited to two hours. (Small team rooms do not have room schedulers and cannot be reserved in this way)

Reserve through E-mail: Coming soon. Soon you will be able to reserve any Devon team room from anywhere at any time. Most meetings will be automatically accepted, meaning that you won't have to wait to know that you have the room reserved. We'll notify you once the e-mail reservation option is available.

Reserve through the Computer Science/Electrical and Computer Engineering Office in Devon 1XX: For room reservations that do not meet the criteria for reserving through the room scheduler or through e-mail you should visit the CS/ECE office in Devon. The office staff will reserve the room on your behalf.

Everyone that uses a team room is expected to treat the room and its contents with respect. No equipment should ever be taken out of the room. Any problems that are identified with the room should be reported to the CS/ECE office as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding reservation or use of the room please visit the CS/ECE office.