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Faculty-Led Programs

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OU Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are designed so that you can take OU courses with OU professors while traveling around the world with other OU students. These programs have OU tuition and fees, so you can apply tuition waiver scholarships and any applicable financial aid. We offer a variety of long-term and short-term program options.

Browse our faculty-led options for summer 2023 below, and check back throughout the coming months for more details and updates.

Summer 2023 Programs

Begins in May

Begins in June

Begins in July

Start Date TBD

Exploring Brazilian Cultures (Brazil)

Mexico City

Exploring Majors in Puebla (Mexico)

Global Issues in Business (Italy)

Nursing in Arezzo (Italy)

STEaM Engineers in Arezzo (Italy)

UCOL 1st Year Community and Engagement Abroad (Italy)

Constructing the Human Environment in Italy


Exploring Happiness in Bhutan

From Da Vinci to the Drone: Tech, Sec, and Global Perspectives (Italy)

Global Business Experience in Arezzo (Italy)



Heritage Site and Sounds: Puebla, Mexico

Mediterranean Diet and Culture (Italy)

Engineers in Puebla (Mexico)

Exploring Healthcare in Mexico

Gaylord College of Journalism: Gaylord in Arezzo

Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication in Arezzo (Italy)

Italian Language and Opera (Italy)

Doctor checking patient

Pre-Med Rotations in Puebla (Mexico)