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Writing Enriched Curriculum

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Writing Enriched Curriculum

The WEC Program at OU has three core principles:
  •  For students to become proficient writers, they must write and receive writing instruction consistently throughout their undergraduate education, particularly within their major courses.
  •  Only faculty within a given discipline can effectively teach and assess the writing skills particular to that discipline.
  • Structures and methods for integrating writing into curricula must therefore be developed by core faculty—they cannot be imposed by administrative fiat or outsourced to an exterior unit.

We encourage you to explore the ways we can collaborate!

Teach Writing Online

Rethink Writing in Courses

Plan Writing in the Major

Understand Writing Inclusively

For more information

Dr. Robert Scafe
WEC Director


Dr. V. Nicholas LoLordo
WEC Coordinator

Center for Faculty Excellence
Email:    Phone: 405-325-2323