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CASS Research Assistant Selected to Participate in Prestigious Summer School Program

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CASS Research Assistant Selected to Participate in Prestigious Summer School Program

Brian Greene, a Ph.D. student in the School of Meteorology and a research assistant with CASS, was recently selected to participate in the “Field Experiment on Submesoscale Spatio-Temporal Variability in Lindenberg” (FESSTVaL) summer school program. Although postponed in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, this program will ultimately take place for two weeks in Lindenberg, Germany (a short train ride outside of Berlin), and is led by a diverse panel of international experts on topics such as convective scale observations from different platforms and sub-mesoscale dynamics and modeling. FESSTVaL is geared towards graduate students and post-doctoral scholars in meteorology and physics, and will consist of 10 lecture days filled with seminars, group work, weather briefings, and excursions.

The topics covered during the FESSTVaL summer school are closely aligned with Brian’s Ph.D. research, which is studying the planetary boundary layer using remotely piloted  aircraft systems and large eddy simulations. Working to combine this new paradigm of observations with high-resolution models is a difficult problem, and Brian is excited to learn from top experts in the field on how to approach these challenges. Moreover, planning field campaigns to study turbulence in the planetary boundary layer is an important aspect to Brian’s future plans as a researcher. He looks forward to the opportunity to grow as a scientist and network with other graduate students during this program.

“I’m beyond excited and grateful to be granted this opportunity,” said Brian. “These are the types of moments in one's early career as a student that can potentially open so many doors through connections and research paths with all the different skill sets this summer school will help me develop. It is disappointing that the program had to be postponed, but it is definitely for the best. I will be just as excited when I finally do get the chance to make the trip.”

For more information on FESSTVaL and the summer school, visit: