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LGBTQ Studies Minor

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Minor in LGBTQ Studies

The LGBTQ Studies Minor provides students with an intersectional analysis of how LGBTQ identities and community have been (and continue to be) shaped historically, socially, philosophically, culturally, medically, and scientifically. It creates a space for critical inquiry around how sexual and gender minorities are affected by society's normative perceptions and practices, while also exploring ways various LGBTQ communities and individuals have responded. 

Please note that WGS majors cannot also receive a minor in LGBTQ studies because the two degrees are offered through the same department.

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Minor Reqirements

18 hours total:

  • LGBT 1003, Introduction to LGBTQ Studies 
  • LGBT/WGS 3263, LGBTQ Movements 
  • LGBT/WGS 3273, Queer Theory 
  • 9 hours of electives from the approved list

The following courses offered Fall 2020 count for LGBTQ Studies credit:

  • LGBT/WGS 3273, Queer Theory
  • ANTH 4843: Sex, Gender, & Sexuality
  • HES 3523: Human Sexuality


  • HES 4523: Human Sexuality II
  • SOC 3733: Sociology of Gender
  • SOC 3963: Sexual Deviance & Society