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Majors and Minors

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Majors and Minors

Choosing a Major

Selecting your major is an important step in the academic process and should be approach in a thoughtful and intentional manner. Your major should be an extension of your academic interests and an advancement towards your professional goals. The Dodge Family College of Arts and Sciences offers over 50 major options from the disciplines of social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and professional programs.

Degree Checksheets

Pre-Med Options

If part of your academic plan is to fulfill your requirements for medical school, you have a multitude of major choices that can compliment your pre-med designation.  Click here for more information. 

Double Major vs. Dual Degree

Students can declare more that one major in their academic career. These majors can either come from the same college or come from two separate colleges. When selecting multiple majors students must determine if they are working on a double major or a dual degree (see details below).

The student is responsible for completing the major requirements for both selected majors but no additional hours will be added to the overall hours required for graduation (120 total with 48 upper division).  Students earning a double major will receive one diploma and both majors are listed on the student's transcript

Students earning dual degrees are responsible for the major requirements of both majors plus an increase in overall hours required for graduation. The total number of additional hours required can vary based on the colleges that the majors are from so please consult an academic counselor for more information. Students earning dual degrees will receive a diploma for both majors in addition to both majors being reflected on the student's transcript.

Changing Your Major

Students can add or drop Dodge Family College of Arts and Sciences majors/minors during business hours with the Academic Services office located on the first floor of Ellison Hall room 124. A major change can only be requested by the student with a valid ID and confirmed by an academic advisor.