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Collaboration and Funding

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Collaboration and Funding


The Ruth Knee Institute is available to support students, faculty, and community members in an assortment of ways through collaborative research, evaluation, educational, and training initiatives. 



Past examples of this support would include:

  • Providing collaborative evaluation services to at need community non-profit and government organizations
  • Supporting faculty research lines through seed grant, operational, and dissemination assistance
  • Creating opportunities for student research development
  • Many others

Different types of support could include, but are not limited to:

  • Small seed grant funding for specific research line development
    • Particular precedent given toward research ideas that could lead to larger extramural funding application
  • Social capital development and partnership brokering
    • We are highly interested in helping community agencies, students and faculty connect in reciprocal and mutually beneficial ways
  • Research staff support
    • We have deployable research support staff through our Knee Scholars and Knee Student Fellows programs
  • Multiple dissemination support
  • Physical space
    • In 2018 we launched the Interprofessional Community Research Lab (ICRL) in partnership with the OU Center for Social Work and Healthcare and the Center for Child Welfare and Simulation. This is a space located in Zarrow Hall that can be utilized on a project by project basis for students and faculty to collect and analyze data, conduct interviews, or engage in other types of research endeavors.

Faculty, students, and community partners are encouraged to reach out to the Institute with ideas through our online support and funding application here.