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Admissions by Degree

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The Doctor of Philosophy in Information Studies is a new Norman Campus degree and is not available as an online degree. The inaugural class began in the Fall semester 2018. Students may pursue the degree on a full-time or part-time basis, and it requires 90 hours of coursework beyond the bachelor's. 

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Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS)

A master's degree from an American Library Association accredited LIS program is the gold standard credential for seeking jobs in a variety of library and information fields. The master's program at OU is ALA accredited (Conditional accreditation) and is an excellent choice for your graduate education.

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BAIS/MLIS Accelerated Program

Designed for OU BAIS majors who intend to go on to complete the MLIS master's degree, this program allows undergraduate students to earn credit hours towards their master's while they are still completing their bachelor's. Applicants will generally be OU juniors.

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Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates can add additional job credentials to those seeking particular types of positions. They signal to employers that the holders of the certificates have concentrated coursework in that specialty. These certificates can be pursued independently, or concurrently with another degree.

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Bachelor of Arts in Information Studies (BAIS)

The Bachelor of Arts in Information Studies (BAIS) at the University of Oklahoma prepares  graduates who are versed in creating links between people and technology in the workplace. They are negotiators, intermediaries, and facilitators who enable communication and problem solving through designing and implementing technological solutions for their organizations.

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Already an OU student? Changing to the Information Studies major is easy! Click here for more information on how to change your major.

Declare an Information Studies Minor

Students may pursue an undergraduate minor in Information Studies.

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