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Student Organizations

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Student Organizations


  • G-PSI: G-PSI represents the P&A graduate students at OU and serves as a link between the graduate students and faculty. The current president and vice president are Jugal Talukdar (jugal.talukdar _at_ and Jordan Van Nest (jdvannest _at_, with Prof. Ian Sellers (sellers _at_ serving as the faculty advisor. Please check out and
  • SPS: The University of Oklahoma chapter of the Society of Physics Students is an undergraduate student-run organization. The current president is undergraduate student Zach Yarbrough (Zachary.yarbrough _at_, with Prof. Kieran Mullen (Kieran _at_ serving as the faculty advisor. Please check out
  • WiP: The Women in Physics (WiP) group is a student-run organization that hosts guest speakers, is involved in outreach activities, and more. The current co-presidents are undergraduate student Cora DeFrancesco (cora.a.defrancesco-1 _at_ and graduate student Maria Schuette (maria.schutte-1 _at_, with Prof. Ferah Munshi (fdm _at_ serving as the faculty advisor.
  • Lunar Sooners: Lunar Sooners is a student run organization that puts on star parties, panel discussions, and demonstrations. Lunar Sooners also has a portable “Soonertarium”. The current president is graduate student Brett Bonine (brett.s.bonine-1 _at_, with Prof. Mukremin Kilic (kilic _at_ serving as the faculty advisor. Please check out


  • A list of registered student organizations at OU can be found at

Useful link:

The OU website contains useful links for student organizations (see the section on “Additional Information for Registered Student Organizations”)