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Physical & Mental Well-Being (students, staff, & faculty)

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Physical and mental well-being (resources for students, staff, and faculty)

Behavior Intervention Team (BIT)

  • From the website: “The OU Behavior Intervention Team helps keep our community healthy and safe. You are an important member of the team. Your reports allow the team to reach out to individuals and provide appropriate intervention and support. With your help, the team is better able to keep the campus a safe environment in which students, faculty and staff may live, study and work. The reporting form states: “Our focus is care and concern for students, faculty, and staff members who may be in distress. We coordinate resources and implement a centralized response, with the goals of providing assistance to the individual and keeping our community healthy and safe.” See .

Counseling Center

  • The University Counseling Center website can be found at . From the website: “The University Counseling Center provides comprehensive mental health services at the University of Oklahoma within the Division of Student Affairs. Our mission is to provide high quality counseling and crisis intervention to our campus community members, consultation and outreach services to campus organizations, and training and supervision opportunities for emerging mental health clinicians. We strive to promote the psychological wellbeing of all members of the university community to foster a rich and meaningful campus life experience. We remain committed to the practice of psychology as governed by applicable professional ethics codes and by federal and state laws.”

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO)

Crisis Services by the Counseling Center

  • The University Counseling Center provides Crisis Services to current students, faculty, and staff. The website states “The UCC provides crisis services to current, students, faculty, and staff. If you are in crisis, you can call during office hours (M - F 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) and speak with the crisis counselor by phone or Zoom. Please tell the receptionist that you are in crisis and need to speak with someone as soon as possible.” See

Health Services

  • Information on OU Health Services can be found at Goddard Health Services is located at 620 Elm Avenue. Please note that Health Services does offer language translation services upon request.

Additional resources