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For Undergraduate Students

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For Undergraduate Students

Financial aid and scholarships

Undergraduate student research opportunities

  • FYRE: See (check out the “RECENT POSTS” on the right of the website.
  • HRAP: The Honors Research Assistant Program provides Honors students the opportunity to work with professors as research assistants on specific projects that the professor is studying.  Participants are expected to work for ten hours a week for ten weeks for $1000.00. Honors College students with at least 15 hours of college credit and a 3.4+ GPA are eligible to apply. See
  • URAP: Dozens of research projects are funded each year so that undergraduates may undertake ambitious and exciting research endeavors. This competitive program is open to all University of Oklahoma main campus and Health Science Center undergraduate students who apply for research grants of up to $1,000 each semester.  See
  • McNair Scholar: The McNair program provides encouragement, guidance, and mentorship to underrepresented juniors and seniors in preparation for graduate school. Applicants must be U.S. citizens/permanent residents, have 60 undergraduate credit hours, and overall/OU GPAs of 3.25 or higher. See .
  • REU at OU and elsewhere: A list of Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (REU) in Physics can be found at The application deadline is set by the REU site and tends to be in January of each year. 
  • Contact a faculty member by email or approach after class/during office hours: Many P&A faculty work regularly with undergraduate students. Don’t be shy about approaching faculty members to inquire about research opportunities in their group.


  • Physics tutoring: The professors of the introductory courses announce the tutoring schedule in their classes.
  • Tutoring through the University College: The Action Tutoring Schedule can be found at (Action Tutoring supports many of the introductory physics, math, and chemistry courses).
  • Tutoring through the Math Center: The Math Center is primarily dedicated to offering support to students enrolled in University of Oklahoma mathematics courses at the calculus level or below, although we do provide tutoring for certain 3000-level classes. Please see .

Honors College


Undergraduate Studies Committee

  • The Undergraduate Studies Committee oversees all matters related to graduate students. The Undergraduate Studies Committee (USC) is currently chaired by Prof. Brad Abbott (abbott _at_ In addition to faculty members, the USC has two undergraduate student members, currently Jamie Boyd (jaboyd _at_ and Aidan Sudler (asudler _at_ Please reach out to the Chair of the USC or the undergraduate students serving on the committee if you have any questions or concerns.

Undergraduate advising

  • Advisor to Astrophysics majors: Prof. Xinyu Dai (xdai _at_
  • Advisor to Engineering Physics majors: Prof. Grant Biedermann (biedermann _at_
  • Adviser to Physics majors: Prof. Eric Abraham (abe _at_