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For Graduate Students

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For Graduate Students

Fellowships and scholarships

Current GTA stipends

Upon passing all qualifier exams, the monthly stipend increases by $100. Last, upon passing the general exam, the monthly stipend increases by an additional $100. GTA stipends are for five months, i.e., a graduate student who is a GTA in the spring and the fall will have a 10-month stipend.

  • GRA stipends are decided on by the faculty member who is sponsoring the student; typically, GRA stipends are identical to or similar to GTA stipends. While the faculty member decides on the amount of the stipend, the stipends have to be consistent with university regulations. 


Health insurance

Graduate Studies Committee

  • The graduate studies committee oversees all matters related to graduate students. The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) is currently chaired by Prof. Mike Strauss (strauss _at_ In addition to faculty members, the GSC has two graduate student members, currently Kalee Anderson (kaleeanderson _at_ and Dave Hill (hilldb _at_ Please reach out to the Chair of the GSC or the graduate students serving on the committee if you have any questions or concerns.