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Campus and Buildings of Interest

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Campus map and buildings of interest

Campus map

Buildings of interest

  • 57: Nielsen Hall (Lin Hall is right behind Nielsen Hall; it is not shown on the map)
  • 49 and 49A: Bizzell Memorial Library and 1958 Addition (has a coffee shop in the basement). Bizzell Memorial Library has a Prayer and Reflection room (Bizzell 214) and is home to the university‚Äôs Ombudsperson (Bizzell 213; note that this position is currently vacant).
  • 40: Evans Hall (Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Provost Office)
  • 21: Oklahoma Memorial Union (eateries; post office; bank; and student services including OU Career Services in Suite 323 and OU Gender and Equality Center in Suite 207)
  • 38: Goddard Health Center
  • 46: Ellison Hall (Dodge Family College of Arts and Sciences)
  • 7: Devon Energy Hall (Clean Room)
  • 63B: Noble Microscopy Laboratory
  • 31: Nuclear Engineering Laboratory (Human Resources)
  • 56: Farzenah Hall (formerly Hester Hall; International Student Services)
  • 56A: Robertson Hall (Graduate College)
  • 87: David L. Boren Hall (Honors College)