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A program to mentor high school science teachers in particle physics

QuarkNet is an educational program funded by the National Science Foundation and centered at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago, Illinois. The aim of this program is to help improve science education in high schools by establishing a nation-wide science teacher network. In the first year it provided 4 Oklahoma high school teachers an opportunity to participate in frontline physics research in particle physics, and thereby establishing a mentor relationships between science teachers and physics professors at the University of Oklahoma. Here is the home page of the QuarkNet project.

More Information:

QuarkNet Summer Workshop

Each summer OSU and OU take turns hosting a one-week QuarkNet summer workshop for Oklahoma high school science teachers.  In these workshops, teachers learn the basics of particle physics and related research at the worlds most advanced laboratories, as well as practial activities and exerciese that can be incorporated into thier classrooms.  If you are interested in participating in a QuarkNet summer workshop, please contact:

Dr. Joe Haley (, Oklahoma State University

Dr. John Stupak (, University of Oklahoma